1. I think the joke is, “What if we treated the star of every viral video the way we treat celebrities? I think it would go a little something like this…”

  2. I have to say that DOGS are definitely influencers in my life. Squirrels are influencers in my dogs’ lives, if only to watch SquirrelVision and to bark at.

  3. I think I got caught up trying to make “enemies at peace” part of the joke, and it isn’t really. I think Nissan’s interpretation at 1 was probably more along the right lines: viral video movie stars.

  4. “Really LOL but not with any explicable joke!”

    If it’s LOL (and it is) does the joke need to be explicable?

    I was thinking it was just a comment on the celebrity interview where the celebrity offers pearls of wisdom about their personal growth and our facination with it. But Black02AltimaSE has as more easily expressed explanation.

  5. For a moment I was bewildered by Judge Mental’s reference to “Nissan’s interpretation at 1”. But what, after all, is an Altima?

  6. I know there have been books written looking at things from the dog’s point of view (Call of the Wild being one example). Are there any from a squirrel’s point of view?

    Anyone who’s ever had a bird feeder has been able to appreciate the problem-solving ability of squirrels. (Well, “appreciate” probably isn’t the right word.)

  7. I put out a new tube feeder this a.m. Before I got back into the screen house, there was a squirrel trying to get into it. It’s metal, so I’m sure they’ll attempt to chew a hole in it. My original feeder IS squirrel-proof, who am I to begrudge ’em a few seeds.

    This is fun video . . .

  8. “Are there any from a squirrel’s point of view?”

    Christopher Moore’s “Shakespeare for Squirrels” doesn’t really count, but you can’t really expect me to not mention Christopher Moore and the screwy title “Shakespeare for Squirrels” on the flimsiest of reasons, can you?

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