1. Zumba is a dance exercise routine that involves some high kicks. Too many people and they end up kicking each other accidentally.

  2. 1 and 2 have it, but I just want to point out the grin on Leroy’s face as he’s ogling the women.

  3. So… would it be an acceptable joke if it were “We have drivers ed but when a lot of people show up it turns into bumper cars”. Or “We have a petting zoo but be when we have too many rabbits it becomes a garden infestation”. A banal observation not always a joke makes.

  4. @woozy I say the following with a sincere amount of respect and I have no intention of discounting your opinion. It’s just my take.

    Whether it is funny or not is of course subjective, but I think the cartoon does constitute a joke in a way this is not present in your examples.

    We have one typical gym work-out morphing into another typical gym work-out. Your examples really are not analogous in this regard. It is reasonable for a gym to offer both Zumba and kick-boxing. It would not be reasonable for a drivers ed facility to simultaneously be running a bumper cars ride.

    As is silly as it is, it isn’t that big of shift to imagine. If Sally accidentally kicks Jane and Rhonda accidentally kicks Amanda, someone walking past the window could legitimately mistake that for a kick-boxing class in progress. There is an element here where the interpretation of events is just beyond the realm of the reality, as opposed to merely being a silly metaphor.

    It’s a typical, though lame, joke to accuse someone in a fender bender to have been playing bumper cars, but I still don’t think its in the spirit of the joke intended here. If I see two real driver’s ed vehicles colliding, not even for a nano-second do I consider I am witnessing a bumper cars ride .

  5. So… would it be an acceptable joke if it were “We have drivers ed but when a lot of people show up it turns into bumper cars”.

    I realize this was a rhetorical question, but that actually strikes me as an acceptable joke.

  6. I think the joke might be that she’s trying to putting a positive spin on a bad situation when trying to sell the class to Loretta. “No, no, no…our studio is not too cramped. This is just kick boxing now! It’s all good! Sign here.”

  7. But in Driver’s Ed they don’t have everyone driving in the same place. Either one instructor has students take turns, or multiple instructors take a student out. They don’t all drive around in the parking lot.

  8. I saw a Zumba ad video once that had clips from a real session. So many of the women were on the er uh “curvy” side. And there was the one guy in the back barely going through the motions but seemly enjoying the show.

  9. There’s also the point that the very word “Zumba” sounds inherently funny (to me, anyway). It’s like the old Common Comic Knowledge that all jokes are funnier if they mention “Brooklyn” or MAD’s insistence that the name “Melvin” was inherently silly, and so on, perhaps.

  10. I saw one last week. I thought it was a dance class until someone told me it was Zumba. I have to agree with dvandom and Downpuppy. Actually, when I first heard the word Zumba, I thought the person was referring to robotic floor cleaners.

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