Sunday Funnies – LOLs, April 18th, 2021

We can’t decide whether the educational facts in between the joking ones are all or mostly meant to be true.

A Sad-LOL from Lugnuts

Last week I went to a wedding, of two antennas. The ceremony itself wasn’t anything special. But the reception was great!


  1. Narmitaj, I think perhaps you are underestimating the first cartoonist. She might have said “Also, lives in the plains.” which would accord with the modifier role of Mountain in Mountain Goat. Still a rather feeble joke, like your speculative “Also not a mountain”. But that latter would be just daft of her, as she shows throughout the panel how she handles modifiers reasonably, when and if she goes beyond denying the correctness of the head noun.

  2. Right – that I get. But . . . ?? Ok, I guess that’s the joke, then. I was suspicious of the Trojan horse’s grin, but I guess I was over-analyzing.

  3. The Bird and Moon (which was a new strip for me) seems pretty accurate, even if some of the information is presented jokily. To say that a king cobra is not a cobra is to insist on a narrow definition of “cobra,” but still defensible. There is only one statement that I would say is flat wrong, and it’s one of the jokes: The horny toad may not have the hots for you, but it does not think of you as a friend.

  4. The sign on the window of My Saloon uses a slogan which at first was largely serious (though humorously toned) as a highway sign, or railway-visible billboard, promoting housing developments at inner-ring suburbs. It was aimed for commuters who live further out.

    Then it became a joke to post it elsewhere, or use it in other contexts. With the idea of “you don’t have to keep going, you could stop and plant yourself right here “. In the cartoon, we are sadly reminded there are customers of a saloon who are almost living there.

  5. Kingbirds are so-called because of their extreme territoriality.
    If other birds fail to observe the borders of their kingdom, the kingbird will defend those borders.

  6. The little clown Trojan Horse is like a little clown car. It has 30 clown warriors inside of it.

    The Mayfly is inaccurate because it not only may fly, it will fly.

  7. “Right – that I get. But . . . ?? Ok, I guess that’s the joke, then….”

    It’s a Wayno Bizarro…. let’s leave it at that.

  8. “I thought the Bizzaro one was the best one here. It was an CoL for me.”

    For me I had a “what if Moby Dick were a minnow” issue. I couldn’t see if the Trojan War and been entirely enacted in a world populated with clowns the Trojan Horse could be teeny but… I couldn’t really see why the Trojan War should be enacted entirely by clowns…

    …which, isn’t that illegitimate a complaint, it’s acceptable as just absurdism…. After all That’s the gyst of over 80 percent of Far Side cartoons…

    …Maybe it’s because clowns are people and the Trojan War is an historical/mythological event I couldn’t make the absurdist leap if they had been animals or aliens or CandyLand game tokens or…..

    Anyway… for me, one way or another it was … okay… but…. off.

  9. “I thought this was a funnier Trojan horse comic . . .”

    I thought that was funny too.

    But to be fair is I’m going to do my woozyesque critiques I should do it consistently. How would the soldiers sneak in if the horse is unassembled? They’d be clearly visible and part of the instructions would be to place them inside.

  10. There was a comedian, I forget who, who did a routine about flies. “What’s with flies? When someone was naming things, was he going ‘I’ll call that a dog, and I’ll call that a horse. These things flying around, what should I call them? They fly. I’ll just call them flies.’ I mean, how lazy can you get? They fly so we call them ‘flies.’ That’s like calling fish ‘swims.'”

  11. “I couldn’t really see why the Trojan War should be enacted entirely by clowns…”

    Yea, you’re putting much more thought into this than I did, or maybe is really necessary. I stopped at “… if the Trojan War and been entirely enacted in a world populated with clowns …” then that must be what the horse would look like, as modern clowns squish themselves into small cars. I didn’t think in needed to go any further to raise a chuckle.

    I also got a smile imagining all of the clown warriors pouring out of it ready to attack with seltzer bottles and cream pies.

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