1. Well, yes, the 401(k) plans are referred to that way because that was the numbered / letter-keyed paragraph or section of a statute. But as used in the comic, it does look like a number, and would perhaps offer 100 times the resolution of the 4k model.

  2. The first one reminded me of the old Dad joke: “I asked my friend if he wanted to go hunting, and he said ‘I’m game’ so I shot him.”

  3. I agree with DB – LD. The game should say “I’m A game,” not “I’m game,” but then the joke doesn’t work. Maybe in the follow-up the boss can say “I need everyone to bring their ‘A game’ to the project” and the game can say “That’s me!”

    I wouldn’t want to share an office with that particular game. He always does you-know-what with the conversation.

  4. Grawlix, looks like you found the secret word from MarkInBoston’s quip! 🙂

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