1. I don’t know what region or kind of area Tiger takes place in, but in some parts of the country Perdue or Tyson or some company like them might well have a “chicken plant” down the road.

  2. Powers, I hesitate between congratulating you on adding a good joke of your own (the flies are over the guy’s head!), and offering a hint in case your confusion is sincere.

  3. Well, this is a thread I’m going to keep refreshing all day. Absolutely zero idea about the traffic control-bug-flattop-sideburns panel.

  4. The style of hair cut is called a “flat top” the same as an aircraft carrier. They flies are landing on a flat top.

  5. That’s also the answer I had in mind and was hinting towards. “Flattop” is a haircut style, and also a slang term for an aircraft carrier. (Or maybe written as two words, or hyphenated.)

  6. The hairstyle is “jarhead” and the landing fly is defo drunk, having partaken of too many “jars” of alcoholic liquid, as some national lexicons have it (such as mine: see https://www.7000jarsofbeer.co.uk/ for example ).

    However, that is not the answer. I expect flat top is.

    Talking of national lexicons, the chicken plant one doesn’t work for me:
    “Are there any chicken plants?”
    “Not that I know of.”
    “Then how do they get aubergines?”

  7. I was trying to get a joke out of a buzz cut being buzzed by insects that buzz, but it wasn’t working.
    Then again, neither is the flat top joke.

  8. There was a childrens show with puppets and they once did a joke about a chicken who had a job at the egg plant. I thought it was hilarious when I was 10 years old.

    Then there’s that third of fourth verse of that song my older sister used to torture me with

    We had some fruit trees; no fruit would they bear
    We had some fruit trees; no fruit would they bear
    My wife said “Honey,
    “This isn’t funny,
    “We have some fruit trees; no fruit will they bear”

    One day that rooster; got into our yard.
    He caught those fruit trees; right off of their guard
    They’re bearing eggplants
    They never used to
    Ever since that rooster
    Got into our yard.

    … ah, childhood…. nothing like nostalgia for a time when rape jokes were considered childish highjinks.

  9. I have to say, Dan Collins spent a lot of time creating an interesting face for the flattop guy – unfortunately it had nothing to do with the joke! Sometimes artists just want to draw something specific, maybe comic artists sometimes just don’t have a joke that works with what they want to draw.

  10. “I have to say, Dan Collins spent a lot of time creating an interesting face for the flattop guy –”

    It’s very, very, unpleasantly ugly.

    But presumably intentionally so I have to say it is successful.

  11. The grotesque drawing of the character is probably what makes the flattop cartoon so striking. The joke to it is just in the visual pun, which you’all have explained early on – two meanings of flattop.

  12. This looks like a good place to land a Hair-rier Jet.

    Sorry. Just trying to keep up with the good word play other posters have contributed. Better than the comic itself, I feel.

  13. Mitch, I wonder if you might be missing Grawlix’s joke, which depends on a meaning of “landing strip” different from the literal one of a segment of cleared and maybe paved ground that a small airport would have. In the Grawlix sense, we see it’s not a landing strip because the hair is on top of the person’s scalp, not elsewhere. 🙂

  14. I was thinking of another use of “landing strip”, not appropriate for a family show.

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