Bonus: Easter chocolate synchro

Since the main CIDU for today was laid to rest early, here is a bonus post (though not a CIDU). This synchronicity was noted and submitted by both Andréa and Powers. (Also noted by Georgia Dunn! See below.)

In the comments section of GoComics, Georgia Dunn (the artist who does Breaking Cat News) posted the following:

So, I kind of fan-girled-out when I read my GoComics comic list last night and realized “Cathy Commiserations” also had a chocolate egg strip today!!

I like to hope Cathy and the Woman would be friends, if they ever had the chance to meet on the pages, lol!! I always loved the strip “Cathy” so much, and “Cathy Commiserations” has been SUCH a comfort the past twelve months!! Check it out today, if you’re feeling like binging some laughs!

(For those not familiar with BCN, the cats refer to the humans they live with as “the People” and separately “the Woman”, “the Man”, and different terms for the children as they have aged.)


  1. I don’t think I’ve encountered “Cathy Commiserations” before. Is that just a name for a feed of selective older Cathy cartoons? Or new ones that she did this last year, to reflect the special pandemic circumstances?

  2. They are new ones that she has been doing this last year to reflect the special pandemic circumstances.

  3. Every accountant (at least who I know) has a crutch to help get through tax season.

    My dad would smoke more cigars than normal, spend his time at the Seder doing family members’ tax returns (while his middle brother – younger than him – led the Seder) and end up sleeping on the floor in living room when he put his back out of line from working at his desk too much.

    Mine was simple – being a chocoholic it was crispy chocolate Easter candy. Have not had any chocolate in close to two decades as I am a chocoholic who is a Type 2 Diabetic and having some during tax season would start me eating chocolate like crazy again. I can still taste it in my head and mouth. Tax season is so much longer and more complicated without chocolate.

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