1. I was about 16. Family had spent a year abroad & accumulated too much stuff to fly home, so we took the TSS Stefan Batory. Spent a week on the north Atlantic, playing bridge, drinking beer (legally), & getting seasick. At the end, the ship anchored on the St Lawrence at Quebec & the youth chorus (who I hadn’t seen on board all week) put on a show. Yellow Rose is a pretty terrible song, but they managed to make it worse.

  2. I guess I understand the Cliff Notes one, basically, but I wasn’t familiar with saying something like “performance fell off a cliff this quarter” for a graph like the one on the right.

  3. :::is sad that water pollo isn’t a real thing::: Also, yellow rows of taxis? Brilliant!

  4. “All my friends call me Tex.”
    “Is that because you’re from Texas?”
    “No. I’m from Maryland but why would I want to be called Mary?”

  5. Now I want to see Bizarro do something with “Pollo Theater”, “Pollo 11 landing” or “Pollo 13”

  6. Allan Sherman’s concluding lines:

    I was born in old Shamokin
    Which is why they call me Melvin Rose

    I think the doesn’t-rhyme joke is that the pattern-following completion would have been “they call me jamoke”.

  7. They would’ve called him “Schmuck.”

    That makes sense to rhyme with “Ol Kentuck'”. I was thinking along those lines, but stuck on forms of the f-word — “schmuck” is a better suggestion for his schtick. (BTW, this comes from “Shticks and Stones” a cut on the first album.)

    But the pattern earlier in the bit was not actually final-syllable rhyme, but a little subtler:

    Oh I’m Melvin Rose of Texas
    And my friends all call me Tex
    When I lived in old New Mexico
    They used to call me Mex

    When I lived in old Kentucky
    They called me Old Kentuck
    I was born in old Shamokin
    Which is why they call me Melvin Rose

    Or maybe I’m overthinking it. The issue is “where did the Mex come from” and I am seeing it pulled directly from Mexico regardless of the rhyme on Tex. But that seems to want to draw the final nickname from Shamokin somehow. I dunno.

  8. Mitch, it looks like you are being a bit thick on this. The “schmuck” answer from MDBrown answers to /both/ rhyming with Kentuck and matching the beginning of Shamokin .

  9. I would have thought that “The Yellow Rose of Texas” was a song best forgotten but perhaps only geezers like me remember its meaning.

  10. Stan Freberg (in the persona of a gung-ho Texan bedeviled by his drummer accompanist) had a great comedic rif on “Yellow Rose of Texas” back in the day.

  11. As a kid way back, we had the Allan Sherman album with that and many other ditties. I assumed that Shamokin was a city out east with a high Jewish population, hence the Melvin Rose.

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