Okay, we’re probably not looking at Comicgeddon 2.0, but…

Since my 2020 began in 2018, my computer might or might not be about to implode. Just in case, I’ve established an alternate log-in (which I’m testing right now).

Apparently the new log-in is forcing me to use the new dashboard WordPress threatened us with a few months ago. It is quite horrendous, though it might not on its own bring on Comicgeddon 2.0. And I’m not entirely sure this is going to publish properly.

The downside is that although CIDU Bill is grandfathered into the old dashboard for now, the new one will become mandatory soon.



  1. Thanks, Kilby. I figured out why Bill Cidu’s post was temporarily invisible to CIDU Bill.

    Why should anything be easy?

    Well, at least everything’s backed up and I more-or-less have the next week’s posts queued up. If the computer dies (2013-2020 RIP), I’ll lose the most recently-added comics. That losing the ability to post as CIDU Bill (and use the sane dashboard) should be the only site-related casualties.

  2. Oh, and if I have to use the new dashboard as “Bill Cidu,” I’m not entirely sure how the Moderation Folder’s going to work. So just in case, everybody try not to write “suck” for a few days.

  3. I”m confused. Computers are 90% fixable and 100% replaceable, and there’s nothing stopping you from logging into WordPress from multiple devices using the same account. I used to administer a very busy site from my phone while at an unrelated day job, using the WP app.

  4. BTW, Word Press are promoting the new “block” editing tool by saying you can still function as you did in the “classic editor” by selecting as your block the “classic block”.
    (But that’s just for the editing, does not roll back miscellanea like the options under Publish, etc)

  5. Bill, have you considered self hosting your own copy of the WordPress software? I only use WordPress for one of my websites, but it’s my own website and my own copy of WP. When I installed it, I immediately turned of automatic updates. I decide for myself if and when I’ll update it. Since each update has broken or revoked something I liked about the editor, it’s mostly “if” these days.

    I know this sets off all kinds of alarms for security experts, but so far I’ve had no consequences, fingers crossed. I do check the site access logs now and then and see a fair number of hits for the login page (among those of countless other content management systems), but I have strong passwords.

  6. I am having a problem adjusting to a similar problem on blogspot.com as least as to using new version. Then again, I am never sure if I am not the only one reading my blog anyway – they claim at least 4 or 5 others read it. 🙂

    Glad it seems ok so far for you Bill.

  7. To those who took exception to my describing my computer as imploding: you are correct. , that wasn’t accurate. Technically, it was suffering a psychotic break.

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