1. I just read the TV Tropes entry for Support Your Local Sheriff. One the bits in that movie is that the town has a new, secure, jail. Except that the bars haven’t arrived yet. James Garner’s character manages to not only keep one of the bad guys in jail but later gets him to help install the bars.

  2. All good!

    There have however been plenty of pictures of people using various underwear as face masks.

  3. I got distracted by the typeface in the A-1 company’s sign: ignoring the hyphen, it’s awfully close to the steak sauce logo. That sent me off on a tangent, and didn’t improve the joke.

  4. @ elGeo – Perhaps Hilburn was afraid that Warner Bros. had a trademark on the “Acme” company logo.

  5. P.S. Besides the incredibly massive, wedge-shaped walls between the cells (another bit of failed perspective), the Yaffle panel is notable for something that it does not have: that annoying bird. Perhaps the image has been cropped.
    P.P.S. I thought the poster for “Silent Movie” in the mime’s cell was more amusing that the joke about the bars.

  6. Brian in STL – and the bad guy’s father comes to visit him and does not understand why he does not just walk out – amazing how a bit of red paint makes crooks behave.

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