1. Like those vast underground networks of fungi.
    Which here and there push up sprouting bodies. Like his pineapple head?

  2. It’s a commentary on the type of conversation that happens when getting a haircut. Normally it is inconsequential chit-chat about sports and the weather and maybe some celebrity gossip. Instead he is discussing ideas about the nature of society and our roles as members thereof.

    That or the joke is “Don’t get your hair cut while you’re high or you’ll get a goofy cut like this”.

  3. He’s talking about “one great whole, all of us connected”… and he either has one-and-only-one gigantic hair follicle growing out of his head or all of this hairs have fused together into one giant pillar of hair…? And the stylist isn’t sure whether he’s being oblivious or ironic about it…?

  4. If all of us were connected, she’d have understood what kind of haircut he wanted. But we’re not, so, instead, he got… this.

  5. He looks as though his hair could plug into a USB port and thus help him “connect” with the universe (or the internet, anyway). But I doubt that was the joke (or joke-like-substance) actually intended.

  6. This image is a repeat of one run last year. The original word bubble read:

    “I can’t see how I’m going to be able to help you if you’re not familiar with every character on ‘Game of Thrones.'”

  7. That looks like something that would fit into a USB port? I saw it as more 3-dimensional: similar to, as my subject line indicated, the core of a pineapple.

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