1. It’s a horse drawing a carriage. (Or, to put it another way, if that picture was exhibited, it could be a “horse-drawn carriage.”)

  2. Look to the right extreme left side of the panel. You can just see a bit of the carriage’s wheel, which is your clue that the horse is drawing from a model. In my mind, for no good reason, it just seems more obvious that it’s a “horse-drawn carriage” if there is a model there rather than drawing from memory.

  3. I was not able to find out when this was first published, but I did learn that “yaffle” is supposed to be a nickname for the “European green woodpecker”, known in German as “Grünspecht“. I should have recognized it from the image that the artist keeps inflicting upon everyone (we see those birds in our yard reasonably often).

  4. How else is the horse supposed to hold a pencil, chipchristian?

    I actually initially thought that Bill had it in his title. I thought the horse was drawing the object of his affections (“Draw me like one of your French carriages”), which we know to be the case because “love and marriage” go together just like these two do.

  5. Clearly, since the cloven hooves, it’s actually a unicorn. Probably the pencil that they’re drawing with is actually the horn that got removed.

    Unicorns have removable horn that are also writing implements. right?

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