1. Very good, in itself and as nostalgia.

    The remarks about a new world made me expect a cover of this:

  2. She does have a great voice — though so do some other 60s singers like Diana Ross and Petula Clark…

    This is an interesting video. I assume from the camera work that it’s a recreation of the recording session, not the actual session — but the performers are synced perfectly with the recording, so it’s really hard to tell.

  3. You’da thunk the muppets would have covered this one on Sesame Street: “Cause I know I’ll never find a ‘W'”…

  4. Or the Linda Ronstadt that never went solo. Imagine how many records the Stone Poneys would have sold if she hadn’t dumped them? 😉

  5. Did we see Judith Durham in one of those versions of “The Tattooed Lady”? I think some of the YouTube comments thought it was a tad racy for her at that stage of her career, in a schoolgirl outfit and associated with these Seekers.

  6. Lovin’ the variety of “Wake Up Music.” Hope this can be a permanent addition to CIDU. Maybe there could be “Music I don’t Understand?”

  7. @Powers It seems like this is part of something but I don’t know what. When I originally sent this to CIDU Bill, I sent a slightly longer clip where at the beginning, the bassist Athol Guy calls Judith up at the dentist’s office https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqMZePE7SQk&feature=emb_rel_pause and asks her to listen to this song. Bill agreed that the singing was great but that the lip syncing was among the worst he had seen. I went back and saw that in the first one I sent him the voices aren’t even synched up before the singing starts so it looked awful when they were singing. But in this clip, it looks great. For those of who may wonder, the Tom Springfield that they are listening to on the demo tape is Dusty Springfield’s brother and together they were part of a group called “The Springfields” before Dusty went solo.

  8. Some of you may not know that MTV (which debuted August 1, 1981), when it was THE music video channel, would not show videos of the band simply performing their song. So, bands had to make up visuals with story lines that both didn’t allow viewers to use their own imagination, and also kept viewers from really getting to know who played what in the band. The earlier videos that showed musicians playing their instruments have been a godsend to cover bands and just people who like to play the classics. (There were other video stations; MTV merely had nearly 100% of the clout.)
    (When I just looked up the date MTV started, I noticed that the very first song they played was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles.)

  9. Honor to the others mentioned, but my favorite female voice of the 1960s (and after) was and is Judy Henske.

  10. Unca, wow that dental intro version was wild! But as you note, badly synced on the main song.
    Interesting tidbit about Tom Springfield too! … And then there was their other sibling, Buffalo 🐃.

  11. In the Boston area, V66 was the music video channel to watch.

    And then just now I fell into a rabbit hole of music-film jukeboxes known as Panorams playing “Soundies” films and the French “Scopitone” of the ’60s.

    I recall watching a laserdisc demonstration at a home-electronics store circa late ’70s or early ’80s. They were playing ABBA videos.

    While we’re discussing female vocalists, one of my favorites is the late great Sandy Denny.

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