1. “How can I pun ‘haves and have nots’? Nuts! A squirrel will ‘have nuts’. But what will I do about the ‘haves’? Never mind. I’ll just hope people don’t think that far.”

  2. “what will I do about the ‘haves’?” I could be like “the rich and the famous” they are both and the poor schlub with none is unmentioned and ignored.

  3. While I agree with Arthur about the superficial imbalance, there is another way to look at it. The squirrel in the tree is just an observer: the comparison is between all “normal” squirrels, who do collect nuts, and are therefore “haves”, and this character on the ground, who has gone way overboard with his hoarding, and is therefore “nuts” about “having”.
    P.S. I wouldn’t want to go so far as to suggest that this is a political cartoon, but it does seem to be social commentary about 21st century American society. One can see that the squirrel in the tree is envious, and would like to be just like that Thurston Squirrel the Third on the ground.

  4. It’s a dumb pun that doesn’t work. It could be forced to work if he had chosen anything BUT squirrels.

    Podcast on squirrels and nuts and how they find them. Apparently this guy or gal has a very good memory.

  5. This is decidedly “off topic”, but the headline made me wonder whether “Argyle Nuts” would be a favorite sartorial accessory for Scottish pipers.

  6. “It’s a dumb pun that doesn’t work. ”

    The dumber the pun the less it is required that it works. It’s just a chuckle and works for me. No it doesn’t work if you try to map it but… why are you trying to map it? No, one asked you to and all the mapping will occur post-chuckle. And the chuckle is the end-all and be all. Why do anything after the end-all. Isn’t that the point of an end-all? That it ends all?

  7. There’s an old canard that claims “Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: you can learn a lot, but the subject dies in the process.” If any of us really believed that, then we wouldn’t be here.

  8. I think this site’s main purpose stopped being about explaining CIDU’s at least 15 years ago. It’s a hobby for CIDU Bill where he gets to indulge his interest in comics. He clearly understands many of the CIDU’s and posts them asking “Really, is that all there is?” when that is clearly all there is. For us regular posters (can’t speak for the lurkers), we seem to like the meandering, evolving discussions that sometimes happen. The dullest event on the site is a genuine CIDU that gets explained quickly and only gets three or four comments. So, that’s kind of like dissecting a frog at a cocktail party. It’s an odd reason to get the party started, but once it starts rolling, the frog isn’t really the point.

  9. Re: “lurkers” – It would be very interesting to see the CIDU statistics on “pages viewed” vs. “comments posted”. I’ve often wondered how many people (other than the Samoans, of course) are reading what we write.

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