1. I was interested to discover last week that Georgia O’Keeffe didn’t only paint orchids to look like lady’s parts; she could also paint waterfalls to look like lady’s parts:

    (Pinterest gave me a mature content warning for this image, so its not just me and my dirty mind, it’s Pinterest’s AI and its dirty mind, too…)

  2. I don’t get why Neptune’s nanny would be purposefully stepping on the very slippery looking rocks instead of walking on the on the sand and water carrying that load — she is barefoot.

  3. Bill: sorry about the double post — could you remove the first one? Or indeed, remove both of them if my original comment ever makes it out of moderation?

  4. @ larK – I really hope that “Neptune’s nanny” wasn’t actually dangling a toddler like that when she modeled for this painting. Poor kid.

  5. I’m more impressed that Neptune’s nanny has no concern about any bodily functions being spewed her way.

  6. “Mark, once you’ve spent enough time caring for babies, you barely notice the bodily functions.”

    No sh*t?

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