1. Gentlemen callers usually bring flowers, but as this is a western-style rodeo, the suitor thought a cactus would be more appropriate for these gals. Of course, it isn’t. Har, har!

  2. With all due respect to the CIDU FAQ and to the respective cartoonists, this comic was a nice little joke and worth at least a small smile, and is therefore definitely worth retaining. This remains in stark contrast to the insensitive panel that follows in the next post, which was utterly humorless, and therefore unworthy of the designation “comic”.

  3. @ Bill – I understood that, but think of it from a reader’s perspective: every time you click on “Post Comic” just one second before (or after) a comic-getting-epiphany, we all get a free extra LOL(*) comic. The more the merrier.
    P.S. (*) Even when it’s not really “LOL” quality, they are almost always “SIS” material: “Smile In Silence“.

  4. I didn’t get it either. The fact that the door is for employees only made me think this guy is getting revenge on a coworker by placing a cactus on someone’s chair.

  5. Just a slight tweak on Stan’s explanation, I don’t think the joke is supposed to be, he thinks it’s appropriate, it’s not, har, har. I think the joke is that it’s such a strange and alien culture – the wild west – that it is appropriate there, har har.

    They do things differently in other cultures, har, har is one step further down Gandhi’s scale to acceptance (ignore you, laugh at you, fight you, then you win), so it’s a sign of progress.

  6. @larK: But they aren’t in the wild west. The placard clearly says “Madison Sq. Garden”. I think people may be having some trouble with this one because the stage-door johnny is really a relic of the past.

  7. This is a slight twist on the usual stage door johnny, who tends to be old, rich, and swanky. The follow here seems to be ordinary and hopeful.

    Bill Mauldin got in trouble for a WWII cartoon that showed the grunts lining up for a USO show, while fat old officers with flowers staked out the stage door.

    Arno had one of his old leches as a stage door johnny in a TV studio, presenting flowers to a girl costumed as a pack of cigarettes (only eyes and legs visible). Maybe his last word on that particular subject, even though his old leches soldiered on in other arenas.

  8. Huh, thank you DemetriosX, I did not notice that detail. I guess you and MinorAnnoyance have it then, it’s a twist on the stage door johnny. (Though there is still an element of either Stan’s the-twist-is-inappropriate-har-har, or the-twist-is-appropriate-because-it’s-an-alien-culture-har-har)

  9. Personal synchronicity (though until I read DemetriosX’s comment about Madison Square Garden a few minutes ago, I hadn’t noticed the sign): just this morning, I was explaining to somebody why Madison Square is so far away from Madison Square Garden.

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