1. This not-quite-four-hour movie has generous space for including scenes of — not quite literally paint drying — but a canvas being prepared, the easel and the model’s seat being positioned and repositioned, and paint being applied to the canvas by a hand (probably not actually the actor playing the artist). https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101428/reference Boring but wonderful!

  2. I watched most of the second half, but despite all the glitter and a 21-point 4th quarter comeback, it all seemed incredibly boorish (and boring). It was especially tiresome to see the same shots after every down of the players celebrating their own greatness with idiotic gestures and shouts. It wasn’t exactly like watching paint dry, but I think I would have been better off switching to one of the public channels to watch a Bob Ross rerun.

  3. I wonder if it ever happened that Bob Ross left a painting on the floor and his squirrel had an unhappy accident on it.

  4. I saw a video recently about Bob Ross’s paintings. He painted three versions for each show. Where are they? Can you buy one? Turns out, most are with the Bob Ross Company in storage. Some were given to a friend of his. The paintings are not shown and not sold.

  5. Robert has no interest in any sport – watching or playing since the 1950s and the NY Yankees. While not a sports fan I generally know about championship games and other things that happen during the seasons – including the names of celebrity players – just because I listen and retain more info in general than he does. When he used to go to work I would tell him who won what big game or who was in the news just so he would not look like a idiot if someone at work commented to him about something.

    When the Super Bowl used to be played in the afternoon, east coast time, he would walk through stores that had all there sets set to same and and change the channel on the sets – just out of annoyance.

    The chain we went to was a low price, chain buffet restaurant and following occurred after game had been moved to night time on the east coast for several years. There was a sign that the it was closed for the evening for the “convenience of customers”. Huh? I would understand if they said they closed so employees could watch the game (though I am guessing that the employees would rather be paid and have their tips at that level of restaurant). It was not a question of people not coming due to the game as the year before they were pretty full. They also did not put this sign up until after the weekend before so we had driven out to the next county for dinner. Apparently this was done chain wide, at least the first time they did it. The next year I contacted the national office and checked and was told that they would be open – nope, closed again for the convenience of customers.

    Does this mean that they thought people would come for dinner that night and resent that it was open and that therefore they had to close? Chain is now mostly closed. (They were bought out and the buyer apparently did not do due diligence before buying them.)

    Now, despite not be interested in sports, even as a boy – Robert has been to several World Series games as a boy with his dad and not in the “cheap seats”. Someone that his dad’s company did business with would take them (and the fellow’s own son) to the game as a business expense. We have at least one World Series autographed baseballs (probably printed in my opinion) and I have heard the stories about the hot dogs many times.

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