1. Speaking of Russian dolls (as we have been), and of Groundhog Day (as we newly are), let me renew a recommendation for “Russian Doll” on Netflix. The obligatory description is “there’s a story element reminding one of the Groundhog Day movie” followed by “But not really, and people make that comparison too readily.”

  2. Powers, I’m not sure I see a joke there either. But (as you probably know), Episode IV was actually the first one made. So maybe the dad or adult is saying he’s from the *much* older generation.

  3. What I find sad is that while the Star Wars Episode IV generation was enraptured by George Lucas’ clever pastiche of the serial adventure movies from his youth from 30+ years ago into an exciting new movie, kids today are more or less forced into the hype of these mindless tepid retreads of the one same 1 movie series from 30+ years ago. There’s nothing transformational about them, and the hype is manufactured and not grass-roots, like it was with the original. Kids are too dumb to know better, and hype is hype, but theirs will be seen to be a much more impoverished experience in the richness of time.

  4. In case anyone hasn’t heard or noticed, today’s all-digits date is a special palindrome because it works in America AND Europe: 02/02/2020, or 20200202 for the folks who are more pedantic or who like dates that are easy to order.

  5. With the mention of the date I need to post –

    If you date things other than just for your self with dates in the form (US) 02-02-20 (or February 2, 20) for Feb 2, 2020 – don’t for this year. Use the entire 02-02-2020. It has been pointed out that if one dates something just using 20 for the year than the date can be manipulated in future years from 02-02-20 to 02-02-2001 etc. This can be a problem in some cases as someone can claim that something is for that future date. One example being a stale check, not cashed before, could be cashed in the future. This applies for all dates this year.

  6. @ Kevin A – A report I read in a German news source called the date a “global” palindrome, because in addition to the U.S. and Europe, it also reverses in places that use YYYYMMDD dates, such as is common in Asan countries.

  7. Meryl: 2001, though canonically The Future since at least 1967, stopped being “the future” 19 years ago… 😉

    (I assume you meant something like “2021”…)

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