1. At first I thought that the graph shows the company tanking, so yes, something’s wrong. I wouldn’t have even noticed the cat in a dog mask if you hadn’t mentioned it. (I also might not have recognized them as dogs and cats.)

    But, yes. A competitor has infiltrated and is causing the company to fail.

  2. Look closely: _All_ of the “board members” are infiltrators.

    There is a wolf giving the presentation to
    – a dog (related to wolf, but, you know, kind of domesticated)
    – a sheep(!) (the traditional prey of every cartoon wolf)
    – a thinly disguised cat (the traditional enemy/nemesis of cartoon dogs, so by extension wolfs)

    So, his analysis comes a bit too late: He missed the time when “something” was wrong. Presently, _everything_ is wrong.


  3. [continued]

    Or even better: The cat is there to spy on it’s traditional cartoon enemy, the dog, inside the wolf-company. Meaning not only is the componay full of infiltrators, they are fighting turf wars inside the company against each other!


    P.S.: Unless of course, the speaker isn’t a wolf but a dog. Then my analysis would crumble a bit.

  4. I only saw the badly masked cat as not a dog. The “sheep” I took for a poodle and the “wolf” as just another big dog. Just the one infiltrator.

    But what self-respecting cat would pretend to be a dog? Cats appear to think themselves superior to dogs. I disagree with them on that point, but they seem to think so.

  5. Oh, hm, now that you mention it, they might be a big dog, a normal dog, a poodle and a cat.
    Damn, and I thought i noticed something first.

    Oh, well, as for cats masking themselves as dogs: Which self respecting member of “clearly superior” group “A” would ever mask themselves as one of those of lowly group “B”? Well, on the other hand, if you tried it you could be certain not to be found out, since those dimwitted “B”s will never suspect a thing. Hah, I will show you how easy it is! (Or somesuch might be the reasoning). Also, who ever said going undercover to sabotage goupr “B” would be an pleasant job?


  6. I think the cat in the boardroom is all there is (and that’s a poodle). My experience is Andertoons tend to think a simple sight-gag is enough when it clearly isn’t.

  7. re: the presenter — he doesn’t have floppy ears, point in favor of being wolf; he does have an up-turned curling tail, point in favor of being a dog; his muzzle is not really larger than ant of the others’, point in favor of being a dog. There are no donuts or other starchy foods present at the meeting, so possibly as an alpha wolf, since he can’t digest the carbohydrates, no one gets any, even though as dogs they can digest it — but that’s a reach; re: the ears — he could just be agitated, perking up his otherwise floppy ears, so he’s probably a dog.


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