1. @ W.W. – That “Reality Check” was a CIDU for me. Is it playing on a current advertisement, or is it just a generic “car salesman” joke? I also have no idea why anyone could like the squirrel, unless it’s because he’s not saying anything.

  2. Kilby, the expression car dealers use is “get you into this car” (“make the deal that gets you this car’). This panel is using the phrase literally.

  3. @ Bill – I got that far, but that didn’t seem enough qualification for the “Sunday Funnies”, so I figured that there must have been something I missed, especially in light of WW’s comment about the squirrel.

  4. Buying a car is one of the few areas of American commerce where people bargain over the price rather than having the merchant set the price and customer either take it at that price or walk away.

    Accordingly, car dealerships have evolved a system designed (not surprisingly) to extract the highest price from people not sophisticated at negotiating prices. The thing is, the same system is often used, regardless of the dealer. This means that some phrases pop up, again regardless of which dealer you’re attempting to deal with.

    One of dynamics is the salesman pretends to be trying to get you a better-than-average deal, while the manager is the bad guy who rejects such attempts. Alas, at some point in the negotiation process, the salesman must run your proposed deal past the sales manager. B ut the salesman is totally on your side, except that his earnings are based on whether or not he can get you to agree to a price that’s on the high side, and literally everything the two of them do is designed for that goal. At some point in almost every car purchase, you’ll hear the salesman ask “let me go talk to my boss”.

    As mentioned upthread, they will also often ask “what’s it going to take to put you in a car today?” or some slight variation thereof. I’m pretty sure that’s a line of dialog for Kurt Russell in “Used Cars”, which is like 40 years old now.

  5. 1) ‘Talk to my manager’ is a ruse – the salesperson goes off to have a cup o’ coffee and pretend to talk to the manager. Those flippy floppy flappy things are about as ‘managerial’ as the so-called manager the salesperson supposedly goes to talk to to ‘make a deal’.

    2) RE: helium – happened to have watched this two nights ago – for Alan Rickman (RIP) fans . . .

    (the previous show to which he was referring, when Fallon and Cumberbatch had an ‘Alan RickmanOff’ is up on YouTube, too.

  6. He recently passed away. He was a bad guy (?) in the H. Potter movies, but did a lot previous to those. Lovely voice; another one who could read the phone book and I’d listen attentively.

  7. Kilby: I thought it was funny for the reasons that Andréa said. Plus, the expression on the squirrel’s face show that he knows it’s a ruse and is annoyed by it.

  8. Somehow, I think that’s what I said, but in far fewer words.

    I’ve bought my last three cars after a LOT of research. Bring in a cashier’s check – take it or leave it. All three times they’ve taken in, after a while . . . I’ve never needed nor wanted a car so badly that I couldn’t walk away. One car I bought online, two salesguys drove up to Wisconsin from downtown Chicago, about 200 miles roundtrip.

  9. My favorite Alan Rickman role is in the movie Dogma, where he plays a seraph. He drinks tequila by taking a sip and spitting it out. As he explains it: “…So – very inebriated – Loki tells God he quits, throws down his fiery sword, and gives Him the finger. Which ruins it for the rest of us, because from that day forward, God decreed that all angels could no longer imbibe alcohol. Hence all the spitting.”

    Hence all the times my friends and I begin a sentence with “hence”.

  10. “He was a bad guy (?) in the H. Potter movies”

    He was the bad guy in the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner.

  11. Did you guy notice the “boss”, the fan-blown attention-grabbing fabric figure usually seen out front of auto dealerships?

  12. Thanks for the reminder about ‘Dogma’ – I see it’s on youtube and will be sure to watch it. Just the few pieces I watched were good.

    10 Best Alan Rickman performances (according to MoJo.com, anyway)

  13. Rickman was extremely good as “Snape” in the Harry Potter movies, and did another admirable “bad guy role” as the Sheriff of Nottingham, but I liked him best as the science officer “Dr. Lazarus” in “Galaxy Quest“.

    P.S. @ Andréa – Just because nobody answers does not mean that nobody is reading. That’s what lurking is all about.

  14. “Thanks for the reminder about Dogma – I see it’s on youtube and will be sure to watch it.”

    Not that – explanations given as tho mine wasn’t there.

    Re: Galaxy Quest – will have to check it out, if only for Rickman’s role.

  15. When I first saw Galaxy Quest, I noticed a strange continuity error in costumes. One of the deleted scenes explained it.

  16. Agree that Galaxy Quest is excellent. I heard a story a while after it came out from an Australian co-worker when i was working in Singapore. He had a friend who worked on the crew of the science fiction show Farscape, which was being produced in Australia.

    So, Galaxy Quest opens and a bunch of the cast and crew decide to go out to see the film. There is a scene near the start of the film where the cast of the long-cancelled TV show Galaxy Quest are reduced to showing up at the opening of a supermarket for the ribbon cutting. It’s made clear that they are there because that this is what they have been reduced to now that their show is no longer being made.

    My friend’s friend said that none of the Farscape cast were laughing during that scene. He presumes they were afraid they were seeing their futures.

    As for Officer Peach, that’s racist. That’s like putting a white cop in blackface to infiltrate a gang of black criminals. Why not just have a nectarine officer do the job? Probably because the force won’t hire nectarines. Racism again!

  17. Car Salesman: “What would it take to get you in this car?”
    Det. Lenny Briscoe: “Next week’s lottery numbers.”

  18. Andréa @ 5:11 PM: What I meant was that you explained why I liked the squirrel, but additionally, I really liked the squirrel’s expression.

  19. Your affection for Star Trek (and related fandom), or lack thereof, will greatly influence your appreciation for Galaxy Quest. There are a lot of inside jokes.

  20. When I saw the YouTube clip, I realized I had seen it, somewhere, sometime . . . and even tho I know nuttin’ ’bout Star Trek, I got the gist . . . altho no, as you write, the inside jokes. C’est la vie.

  21. My friend’s friend said that none of the Farscape cast were laughing during that scene. He presumes they were afraid they were seeing their futures.

    I’m not sure Farscape was popular enough for those kind of gigs.

  22. Brian in STL: I had the same thought. Being “stuck” signing autographs and dealing with fans based on your one really well-known character might seem demoralizing for an actor, but it’s nothing to sneer at, because really, that’s one more well-known character than 99% of actors get.

  23. I can’t quote it exactly, but Mandy Patinkin was asked how he felt being remembered for a few lines from one movie, even though he’d been in many movies. He said he’s happy about it and there are many character actors who have had even more roles and aren’t remembered at all.

  24. January Man – murder movie in NYC, He is the gay friend of the fireman -former policeman who has to solve the murders. Lots of big names – good acting, good story. And his interpretation of his character reminds us of a gay friend of Robert.

    Truly Maddly Deeply – he is dead and comes to visit his wife who cannot get over his death and brings friends from the other side with him.

    Blow Dry – English competitive hair styling contest (much better than description).

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