1. My cats would frequently decide that various areas on me were perfect for sleeping. My annoyance was almost instantly met with kisses…which helped to allay my annoyance, and taught me to understand my place in the world of cats.

  2. I had a cat that would cuddle up on my lap while I was asleep, then suddenly pounce on my chest which was rising up and down with my breathing, scaring the living crud out of me. Mittens was forced out of the bedroom after a few near heart attacks.

  3. My cat occasionally wants to tunnel under the blankets to get close to me. Which is fine, except that the way she does it is to try to stick her head underneath first, and then burrow, which means she’s often rubbing her little kitty whiskers in my face while I’m trying to sleep.

    I’ve always had kitties who wanted to sleep on top of me while I was sleeping, but I’m a bit of a restless sleeper, I turn over at least a couple of times per night. The kitties learn to detect impending rotation.and surf the wave.

  4. The only thing wrong with this comic is that in the last panel, the man should be smiling faintly. Oh, and by the way, there aren’t enough ‘w’s in your title.

  5. @James Pollock

    All of my cats have wanted to come under the covers with me, at least in cold weather. I’d like to say it’s just because I’m so lovable, but I suspect it’s because I keep the thermostat so low. A winter night sees the indoor temp go down to about 45-47.

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