Parking Domains [Mostly OT]

Does anybody know of a good place to park domains (I also need to buy one or two more)? I’d really like to get them away from GoDaddy, but it seems as if transferring domains is no less complicated than it was twenty-odd years ago. Which is ridiculous.

So I’m looking for someplace that makes it really, really simple.

Unfortunately, itself will probably have to stay with GoDaddy, because I have a feeling moving the domain name elsewhere and trying to keep it directing to will just lead to Comicgeddon 2.


cidu email


  1. You don’t mean “parking” domains, I think. That’s sticking a domain somewhere and never using it.

    I’ve had nothing but good experiences with

  2. I’d never heard of, but I now know that my name followed by .best is available for $2/year. hehe

  3. I had Dotster to register names and hosting, but long ago their hosting introduced a new “control panel” which actually disabled my entire site, so I moved everything to 1and1, which it seems is now owned by Ionos. Transferring to a different registrar looks a little cumbersome the first time and effortless after that. Pointing a domain name using a new registrar should be perfectly easy. It’s $15 instead of the $18 renewal at Godaddy. The cheap place would seem to have the better price when you do the Canadian currency conversion, but when I read “as low as C$11.74” it makes me wonder if and when when it gets higher than that.

  4. NameSilo has very low markups over the raw cost of the domain. Not the most user-friendly UI, but has been reliable for me.

  5. I use for my domains – reasonable prices for hosting, _excellent_ customer service. They’re local to me, too, which feels better even though it’s highly unlikely I’d ever actually go visit them. I’ve never parked a domain with them, I have two active ones, so I’m not sure what their prices would be for that – ah, here’s the page where it’s explained. And as I expect from them, it’s thoroughly explained – all the fees, how it works, etc.

    Getting a domain away from GoDaddy is a PAIN – I helped a client transfer one, it took more than 6 weeks to shake it loose (need this piece of data. Pry it loose. OK, now need this one…). Once Tigertech has it, though, everything is straightforward – all the data you need to do a transfer is easily visible in your account.

    They may be able to help with prying CIDU away, as well, if you ask.

  6. If the transfer is going to be difficult, then I would vote for setting up a completely new website for CIDU, populate it with a copy of the WordPress template, and run it in parallel until you get GoDaddy’s claws of of the old URL. (The last time we discussed this, someone else reported that “” was still available). Once you regain control over the old domain, set it to redirect to the new domain, and we can all celebrate. I even think it would be worth sacrificing another two years of archived posts to be rid of GoDaddy, although I hope that won’t be necessary.

  7. My domain has been with for about two years now (after I dumped GoDaddy), and I have no complaints. The transfer took a couple of tense days, but now all is good.

  8. What Kilby said. I’ve moved my domain/blog around a bit, most recently to WordPress, which turned out to be the least complicated move I’ve made so far.

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