1. @Mark M: It’s a utensil for getting slices of cheese off of blocks. How well they work seems to me to be more a matter of chance than anything else.

  2. After DemetriosX mentioned it, I looked at the drawing again. Whamond drew the blade on the wrong side of the slot, so that it would have to be “pushed” across the surface of the cheese, which will never work.

  3. I only started reading EYEBEAM today . . . some pretty funny ones.

    re: cheese slicer. Had one for years; worked really well (and was made correctly).

  4. Unless it’s supposed to be someone specific, I guess it’s grumpy old man chases kids off his lawn, but the “kids” are actually personifications of Death coming after him. Best I got.

  5. Actually, I think the young deaths are killing the lawn with their scythes, and the old man shouts at them to get “off” his lawn.

  6. THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE SCYTHES, THEY OOops accidentally speaking like pDEATH. They look more like pickaxes (though I expect they are supposed to be scythes).

  7. I agree they look more like pickaxes than scythes.

    And a sub-pattern emerging from some of this series of grim-reaper comics has been the substitution of another implement for the traditional scythe, something appropriate to, or tailored for, the designated target — cheese scraper, egg beater, lawn digging tool, .. what else?

  8. Death in Discworld is really supposed to speak in “small caps”. There is a small tag in HTML, but I don’t know if WordPress will allow it. So let’s try!

    THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE SCYTHES, THEY OOops accidentally speaking like pDEATH.

    I’m not sure of the over/under for that causing the message to go to moderation.

  9. In MYTHICKLE, and other one-offs, it’s a weed whacker. I think they’re LOLs, myself.

    Speaking of pDEATH, would anyone like a copy of the latest JOURNAL, with DEATH QUOTES? I accidentally ordered one from amazonUS and one from DISCWORLD EMPORIUM and would be happy to send one to the first person to email adenning2@tampabay.rr.com . . . FREE, btw.

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