1. The only times I see Retail is when it appears here. I think this is the first one I’ve seen where I didn’t want to strangle someone in the strip.

  2. Arthur, that’s probably because Marla and the salesgirl whose name I’ll never learn aren’t in this strip. Cooper and Lunker don’t share their passionate hatred of every customer who walks into the store (and, by extension, us).

  3. That was AWEsome. You were so GREAT to send that . . . even tho it made me cry, they were HAPPY tears! TJ Thyne is from ‘Bones’, which made it even BETTER. THANK you for being . . . YOU!

  4. Cooper & Lunker don’t have to deal with customers; that’s why they haven’t the ‘passionate hatred’ of the customers.

  5. Dear CIDU Bill, concerning your contempt for these retail clerk characters it has come repeatedly to my attention that you do not know the site “(The customer is) NOT Always Right”: https://notalwaysright.com

    It contains storys of free roaming individuals of the species of the lowly retail worker. Read them, and weep. Warning: Please do not read them in one sitting, loss of faith in humanity as a whole might result.

    Though some of them might be exagerated and a few seem to be the tellings of abrasive behaviour by a worker instead of the client, all in all they paint a very depressing picture about the state of mind of certain customers.

    So, some CIDUs from the last few months do make sense as a “The Customer is NOT always right” example. At least under the unstated premise that the clerks have already lost all their patience and gone on a revenge spree.


  6. Having worked in retail, at the Service Desk, for two years, I find ‘Retail’ more realistic than not.

    Interestingly enough, when I moved from ShopKo (a WalMart-type store before there was a WM) to Bergner-Weise (a very upmarket department store), I found that those who came to the Service Desk were not so different from each other as I expected; same issues, same attempts to defraud, just better-dressed.

  7. “Warning: Please do not read them in one sitting, loss of faith in humanity as a whole might result.”

    There are almost 5,000 pages! You’re right – one should only read a few at a time.

  8. There’s an old joke about a baseball player who gets his first paycheck, goes to the bank to cash it. The teller looks at it and hands it back, saying “You need to endorse it first.”

    He shrugs, picks it up, smiles, and says, “I heartily endorse this check!”

    Ba da BING.

  9. And the joke about the person who went to cash a check.

    Teller: Do you have any identification?
    Person: What do you mean?
    Teller: Do you have anything by which you can identify yourself?
    Person opens purse, takes out a mirror, looks at it and says: “Yup. It’s me.”

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