1. He got tongue-tied and embarrassed trying to explain what it wasn’t. So he made a save by just stopping and saying, “That’s it.” It’s like Porky Pig trying to say “The end” and changing it to “That’s all folks” because he *could* say that.

  2. “It” is what he said in the first panel, as opposed to what his sort-of girlfriend seemed to be assuming. What she seemed to be assuming was that Gunther was going to be taking art photographs of Tiffany IN her lingerie.

    The sort-of girlfriend, whose name I can’t be bothered to remember, is a newish character in this dire strip, and thus has not yet been beaten down by the realization that nothing actually ‘naughty’ or even vaguely interesting will ever REALLY happen in it — just an endless cycle of allegedly amusing misunderstandings and/or hints of plot/character development, which always come to nothing.

  3. Yes, he’s been flustered and guilty throughout the earlier steps of this conversation. But New Girl knows enough about him by now that she doesn’t think he’s lying, and believes him on the factual level. However, she can also tell that he has a crush for LuAnn beyond what the factual interactions would support, so she is not still mad but just disappointed.

  4. Though the pictures are for Tiffany, not Luann, so Mitch4’s last line is irrelevant. Yes, I wish Bets would get with it – honestly, she’s stepping into a…what, 15-year friendship circle? And expecting Gunther to drop all his old friends to be with her.

    I’m interested that Gunther looks pissed and Bets is smiling slightly in the last panel. I hope it means that Gunther will tell her what I said above, but probably not.

  5. Yes, I got confused. But he does have crushes with these long term platonic friends , and Bets (thank you for providing the name) is bound to have some fraction of negative in her mixed renaction

  6. Shrug, Gunther’s new girlfriend knows she shouldn’t complain TOO much, because she might get shipped off to Funky Winkerbean.

  7. Luann is quite like the old Jon Lovitz Saturday Night Live sketch “Tales of Ribaldry”, except Greg Evans doesn’t seem to be in on the joke.

  8. The Astaire-Rogers musicals were filled with comic misunderstandings. So, if you took one of those, removed the singing, dancing, interesting characters, fun locations and witty dialogue, you’d have “Luann”?

  9. I’m still trying to figure out why Bets’ skin color seems to have faded since the Star Trek cosplay.

  10. Does the woman’s t-shirt signify that she’s a fan of Wonder Woman or a member of the United Farm Workers Union?

  11. First he thinks her misunderstanding is silly. Then he realizes the more he talks about the idea Tiff posing in Lingerie for him the more Bets is going to think about it and he’d better just shut up. Also he realizes that he handn’t considered the photo session and in light of that possibility the photo of the lingerie is now really disappointing.

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