1. Fascinating tech oddity! My Word Press account settings must have changed; as I’m “following” CIDU they now send me notifications of new posts, not just the older option of getting notifications of further replies to something I’ve replied to (and checked the box). This came in email with the subject line “[New post] Pancakes”. Now further let’s see if this post-reply-by-email thing works!

    On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 3:21 PM Comics I Don’t Understand wrote:

    > CIDU Bill posted: ” So… identical pancakes is the goal? I’ve been making > pancakes for well over 50 years, and I never knew.” >

  2. Mitch4: There are check boxes below the comment box for “Notify me of new comments via email” and “Notify me of new posts via email.” The latter is new. I suspect you clicked on it at some point recently when you thought you were clicking on the former.

  3. As for the comic: Pancakes aren’t all supposed to look alike. However, the implication is that each pancake tastes different. It’s unlikely that they would all taste good, but in different ways.

  4. Not only is identical pancakes an unreasonable goal, insulting your wife’s cooking to guests is really rude and mean. Especially as inviting guests to *breakfast* implies a casual fun activity with close and intimate friends.

    Even with comic logic– ooh, that Leroy and his zingers– this strip seems really off the mark.

  5. Pancakes are not expected to be absolutely identical in size (or shape); the primary goal is simply to achieve uniform browning; this would appear to be what Loretta has failed to do. To be honest, it’s not always simple to achieve. It is particularly difficult to get the pan temperature exactly right before the very first pancake; I have known several people who simply sacrifice the first one as an inedible test case, on the way to getting the temperature properly adjusted.

  6. Aha! Thanks, WW!

    I in fact did /half/ notice the change – – I saw the two instruction boxes, but overlooked that they were different! So I took a screenshot and sent it to Bill with a panicky note that the comment box was going wacky.

  7. @ woozy – I agree with you in term of real world manners, but the Lockhorns have been engaging in co-dependent spouse abuse for over 50 years. It’s bad enough that even the parodies are fairly grim.

  8. “Marital Mirth”, like the other comics parodies in Super-Fun-Pak comix, can really get very cutting by going for the very unadorned underlying basic idea. Cruel, but maybe deserved.

  9. Yeah, yeah, I know about the Lockhorns … but you know… sometimes you read something again and again and sometimes it just hits you… this really doesn’t hold up even within its own narrative universe. For me and the Lockhorns I think it was this strip.

    I think its because pancake unlike a formal dinner just doesn’t matter. And inconsistent pancakes is hardly ruined. And even if they were totally ruined, so what? It’s just breakfast and they are just friends. They can fill up on toast, or she can just say “hey, these didn’t turn out well; let’s just go out for coffee”

    And It’s not a clever zinger, the bastard never does any of the cooking himself, he’s not fighting with her over a disagreement– he just publicly demeaning her for no reason. And so what if she’s a lousy cook? She didn’t have to have them over for pancakes. *No-one* ever has to invite or have come for breakfast. If someone lets you into their private home and serves you food in the morning it doesn’t matter how terrible it is as she isn’t under any obligation to give you *anything*. Just by letting you walk through the door, she has already done more than she is obligated for.

    (I have to plead guilty to finding the “so shoot me” parody very satisfying.)

  10. This should have run on March 5 (aka Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday). Poor pancakes would have been a bigger deal, and it wouldn’t have been breakfast.

  11. Actually, woozy, the other couple was there from the night before: there’s more to the Lockhorns than their incessant bickering.

  12. @Arthur: Pancakes are only a thing on that day for Brits. The rest of the world parties hard — Carnival/Mardi Gras.

    Josh ran this one yesterday at the Curmudgeon and it spawned the comment of the week over there, which suggests, as with the New Yorker, that there is a universal, better caption for The Lockhorns: “Jesus, Loretta, they’re going to sue us.”

    I was surprised to learn that The Lockhorns didn’t start until 1968. I thought the take my wife, please/old ball and chain/marriage is a living hellscape brand of “humor” had died by then.

  13. While pancakes need not be identical, a general uniformity of size, shape and doneness is desirable. Furthermore, a lack of uniformity in these things is indicative of a lack of skill in the maker. Loretta not only fails to make generally uniform pancakes, she fails to such a degree that not even two pancakes can be considered reasonably alike.

    As far as Shrove Tuesday pancakes only being a British thing, many U.S. churches (particularly Catholic and Episcopal, but also Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian and others) celebrate the last day before Lent with a pancake supper.

    In metro Detroit, Shrove Tuesday is known as Paczki Day, after the Polish jelly donut that is a Shrove Tuesday tradition. While once mainly confined to the traditionally Polish community of Hamtramck, today paczkis can be found in practically any metro-Detroit grocery store on fat Tuesday (as Shrove Tuesday is sometimes called), and for even the entire week preceding Lent.

  14. I have a book from the late 90s chronicling 100 American comic strips to celebrate the art form’s centennial (yes, I know Scott McCloud would argue that’s a false anniversary, but it is what it is). The entry on the Lockhorns says something like “what makes the strip humorous is the subtext that, for all their bickering and insult, Leroy and Loretta really do love each other deep down”. And even as a kid reading that, I distinctly remember my initial reaction to that sentence being, “Are we reading the same strip?”

  15. I agree with Ja. Pancakes are not going to be completely identical but you can try for some consistency.

  16. I don’t remember not reading the Lockhorns, but then again 1968 was around when I started reading comics other than kid type one. It was much later in time that I figured out that they were a Long Island based strip and that happened by some of the places mentioned in the strip, such as Canterbury Ales.

  17. The Pennsylvania Dutch also go with doughnuts for Fasnacht, which is what the doughnuts are called, – Shrove Tuesday. Robert is on Facebook with a bakery in the area (they make the best chocolate shoofly pies) and they let everyone know when the Fasnacht are available at their various locations.

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