1. Scrimshaw is the art of engraving on bone. The comic isn’t a full-blown joke as much as a musing on a small detail of a world that included living skeletons.

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an accomplished scientist who hosted the revival of TV’s “Cosmos.” Since it’s topologically impossible to eat cookies before the box is open, I expect the comic is about the limits of physical possibility and exploration of unknown scientific territory.

    Dinosaur puns on the words “bronco,” “brontosaurus,” “saddlesore,” “T-Rex,” and “Tex-Mex” (a style of cuisine with Texan and Mexican influences).

    In the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” swindlers convince a nude emperor that they’ve made him a fabulous new outfit that is invisible to fools; everyone in the kingdom keeps quiet rather than give away their apparent stupidity. The comic isn’t really funnier than this premise, but at least mentioning a car is an anachronism.

  2. @ timharrod – The “Sunday Funnies” are typically classified as “LOL”, which implicitly denotes them as being “Not a CIDU”.

  3. P.S. @ all – Has anyone else noticed that WordPress’s Italic font seems to have grown a point or so larger than the normal “Roman” font?
    P.P.S. – Just to compare: AAaa BBbb CCcc

  4. I think timharrod is new. I don’t recall the name.

    Look at the tags to the left of a comic, Tim. If it says CIDU, it needs an explanation. If it’s a LOL, it is understood and considered funny by CIDU Bill or one of the site visitors who sent it to him.

    As for the scrimshaw, that is anatomically incorrect. That humerus is all messed up.

  5. It’s worth mentioning that everybody here overlooks a CIDU or LOL tag every once in a while, and sometimes Bill leaves off a tag, or puts the wrong one on a post. Generally, nobody worries about it, because even the most brilliant LOL is sure to be a CIDU for somebody around here.

  6. P.S. @ Singapore Bill – In other words, having a mixed up “humerous” is pretty much par for the course around here.

  7. Is the scrimshaw intended to represent anything recognizable besides some dude in a mustache?

    And is there anything more to the “Emperor’s New Car” joke besides just replacing “Clothes” with “Car”?

  8. The tattoo on the guy looks like Death’s head, the scrimshaw looks like the guy. Each one notices the other’s art and thinks “Nice!”

  9. P.S. @ “Italics” – The effect is browser-dependent. Using Safari on a different device, it appears normal.

  10. Is the scrimshaw intended to represent anything recognizable besides some dude in a mustache?

    — A guy with flesh gets a tatoo of a skull. So a guy without flesh gets a scrimshaw of a head. And like LazurusJohn points out the art resembles each other.


    And is there anything more to the “Emperor’s New Car” joke besides just replacing “Clothes” with “Car”?

    — Not really. Need there be? I see it as a reflection of the pride and posturing modern people have when they identify with their sweet rides. Chuckle worthy as it’s recognizable human behavior.

  11. The wrong hands comic reminds me of Disney’s “The Good Dinosaur,” which is essentially a western with dinosaurs.

  12. @ Daniel – Let’s place the credit (or in this case the blame) where it is due: “The Good Dinosaur” was Pixar’s goof, not Disney’s. I saw it in a theater with my kids: they enjoyed it, and I thought it was OK, but I got more out of observing the advances in water and rain animation than anything in the lukewarm script. It wasn’t Pixar’s worst movie (that honor belongs to “Cars 2“), but it wasn’t anywhere close to their better movies.

  13. The Emperor’s new car appears to be right-hand-drive.

    I don’t think I’ve seen that often in comics here.

  14. Am I reading the Bizzaro right, and there’s supposed to be 37 symbols? Is that an April Fool’s joke?

  15. “Well, probably ’cause USofA doesn’t have royalty.”

    The King is a Fink!

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