1. Snoopy and Garfield represent enormous business empires, not just comic strips but TV shows and movies and ad revenue. They could deposit tens of millions easy. Not a CIDU for me.

  2. “They could deposit tens of millions easy. Not a CIDU for me.”

    If that’s the joke it’s not a LOL for me either.

    BUt there was the “Snoopy Come Home” Movie where “No Dogs Allowed” was a recurrent theme….

  3. Carlfink has it – I thought this was quite good (much better than Bizarro usually has been of late, but then again, this was a Sunday, so it was written by Piraro, and not Wayno). However, even though I agreed with most of what Dan wrote in that blog entry (see Andréa’s link), I don’t think the explanations help the comic; it stands better on its own.

  4. It resonated with me ’cause I have a Service Dog and so often I see a sign stating, NO PETS ALLOWED; SERVICE DOGS WELCOME. So I may have personalized it a bit more than other CIDUers.

  5. How weird that I thought it meant a completely different unintended punch line.

    Legal cannabis dispensaries have to be cash only, as federal laws block them from many banking services. How much money is the bank losing in fees (and the feds in taxes) for refusing these services?

  6. The fun part is, until fairly recently, a financial services corporation paid Snoopy big piles of money to be their public face.

    As to this cartoon, one assumes that Snoopy will just come back as a WWI flying ace, because NOBODY turns away a veteran.

  7. @Kilby, you might as well wonder why the ATM has an invalid chemical formula (K2O2) on its display. (Yes, I know Bizarro like to drop K2 references.)

  8. OK, it could be potassium peroxide, now that I think about it, but that’s a very uncommon and very unstable compound and why would it be on the ATM?

  9. @ carlfink – Just like “K2”, the “O2” is another one of Piraro’s tiresome “secret symbols”. Familiarity breeds contempt.

  10. It’s not written like a chemical formula, anyway… the 2’s would be subscripts, and they’re not. So K2O2 is an error code the ATM is throwing. Just as well that it’s broken, what with the dynamite right there, about to go off.

  11. As tiresome as the plethora of secret symbols has become, the refreshing aspect in this panel are the very nicely rendered images of both Snoopy and Garfield. Neither is “perfect”, but that’s also proper (it proves they were not “borrowed”). I really like the shadow effect that makes them look even more “real” than the originals would have been.

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