1. For the second day in a row, I have been surprised to discover that Andréa has multiple comics on her daily reading list that I would never consider adding to mine.

  2. I have noticed that Andrea has several comics not on my regular list as well. I assume the first is “Daddy’s Home”, which I’ve never seen except here. The other three are regulars for me.

  3. I expect that all of you follow some comics I would never consider following. I expect that nearly all of you would find at least one in my daily feed that you would not consider following. I’d have thought the fact that we have different tastes was unremarkable.

  4. The first strip would be funnier if she wanted to watch a movie that WASN’T run repeatedly every year, and is readily available on disc.

  5. @ Arthur – That’s perfectly true, and I have absolutely nothing against it. The only remarkable detail was that Andréa racked up six submissions in two days, none of which involved comics that I normally read. On the other hand, it sometimes feels like I don’t need to follow “Arlo & Janice” either, because 50% of those strips show up at CIDU anyway.

  6. No mystery, Kilby; generally if somebody sends me a number of items, I spread them out — but since this is the week before Christmas, I want to get everything Christmas-related posted now.

  7. I think I have about 75 comics, political and non-political, that I follow every day. If you think I send in too many, please let me know . . . I will cease and desist (sending, not reading).

  8. I just counted, and found that I follow 101 comics on a regular basis. (I’m not obsessed. No sir. Not me.) Not complaining about others’ choices, just think it’s interesting how our tastes differ. Several comics in my list I discovered through CIDU posts. I’m actually thankful that Andrea sends a lot o comics in – it helps keep the discussion going. As I’ve said before, I come here mostly for the comments and conversation. And I love that we can keep a civil discussion going, even though everyone certainly doesn’t agree on lots of topics. So whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus, or nothing in particular, I’m glad we can share this space together. Here’s wishing you all Happy Holidays and a joyous, prosperous New Year. And I’m definitely praying we see more peace on earth and good will toward others in 2019.

  9. I’m afraid to count how many I read, but I’m sure it’s inching toward 100, at least. Many of them due to finding them here.

    And MerryJingleHappy to everybody.

  10. “I’m actually thankful that Andréa sends a lot of comics in – it helps keep the discussion going.”

    That’s why I do it . . . and maybe we’ll beat our one-day posting record. I still consider this my ‘safe space’ for conversation and chuckles, if not downright LOLs.

  11. I had seen this and wondered how Jean Shepherd would’ve felt about it.

    He was a great raconteur, if you’ve ever seen his program, ‘Jean Shepherd’s America’ on public television. You can do a search on YouTube and listen to that mellifluous voice all day long . . .

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