1. When you owe more on a mortgage then the home is worth it’s called “being underwater”. And when someone lends money at a usury (predatory) rates is called a “loan shark” and somehow the cartoonist think he is tying this together in a coherent way. Which he hasn’t as it’s not the sharks who owe money but… as with the paleo dieter and the vegan panel and the shafted co-worker/mistress with the bosses baby,…. Cornered has a habit of saying things in a convoluted and indirect manner.

  2. And of course being loan sharks they are going in for the kill and will try to buy the house to “help out” the owners who are under water at a low price, knowing that the owners must get rid of it and then will sell it for a high price or they will lend the family money despite them being under water at usurious rates.

  3. The joke just doesn’t work, but I think the reason she has her desk and chairs on stilts is because she’s worried about real sharks showing up.

  4. I think you guys are missing the point that she’s talking to the lifeguard. They’re underwater, and not coming out from under the water for a long time… send a lifeguard.

  5. I think they are actually off to SAVE the homeowners. The desk and chair are typical of a lifeguard setup. The surfboard thingy the guy is holding looks like something a lifeguard might use to help a drowning victim. The woman at the desk is telling the guy to hurry to go save them because they are underwater, sorta like what might be said to a beach lifeguard when someone is drowning. “Hurry! They are going under!”

    The name “Shark Financial Services” is misleading and makes you think they are predatory instead of helping.

  6. Oh, I get it now. They’re supposed to be lifeguards.

    If you read the caption without looking at the picture, it sounds like they’re out take advantage of people who are “underwater” on their mortgage — which is a well-known, if not shady, practice.

    But when you look at the picture, you see a lifeguard chair (as well as a “lifeguard desk,” which is not a real thing) and a man with a flotation device. They’re not there to take advantage of people with “underwater” loans, but to rescue them.

    What’s confusing is that many people think (as I first did) that the desk and chair are so high for the purpose of avoiding deep water and/or sharks. But that has nothing to do with it; they’re so high because they’re meant to be “lifeguard furniture.”

  7. Is “Underwater Double Feature” a reference to the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature’ intro? Which is now stuck in my brain for the rest of the day.

  8. Man it’s hard to hold a conversation when everything you say doesn’t show up for half a day.

  9. I’m not buying the “lifeguard” thing. I think it’s just that the desk and guest chair have to be really high because the homeowners will be coming for a loan and bringing their “underwater” state with them.

  10. “I’m not buying the “lifeguard” thing.”

    He’s got a lifeguard chair and a lifeguard buoy because he’s not a lifeguard?

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