1. I thought the first one might have been a “hoarse” whisperer or something, but Quiet Earp is better than nothing. Why is the woman in the third one in scrubs with rubber/latex gloves on? The Gerber baby is not a newborn, and scrubs and gloves is strange attire to nurse at home.

  2. It appears that John Lustig’s Last Kiss is a daily comic that repurposes artwork from the old romance comic book “First Kiss”. You can see the original comic book panel on the web site: http://www.lastkisscomics.com/2018/05/10/?post_type=comic

    I’m not sure why you think that’s the Gerber Baby, but the gloves were in the original panel. Maybe she was washing dishes before she picked up the baby?

  3. Oh, thank you for Last Kiss – I’d never seen it before. A definite addition to the list.

    And Grawlix is right- from that era, a woman was properly dressed without gloves.

  4. It’s true that fashionable ladies once wore gloves to formal events, and there may have even been a time when an upper-class lady wouldn’t leave the house without gloves… but I think that time was well before the 1960s, when “First Kiss” was published. And it wouldn’t be proper to touch another person with those gloves on; you removed your gloves to shake hands or partake of food.

  5. “I think that time was well before the 1960s, when ‘First Kiss’ was published.”

    What does the publication date have to do with it?

  6. Powers and Chak, thanks for the additional background info on Last Kiss. I knew he adapted the drawings from actual retro materials (pretty obviously), but didn’t know about “First Kiss”.

    This is not quite its first appearance on CIDU. In June I sent one in as a quasi-sync with a Dark Side of the Horse, on the “50% off” trope. At https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com/2018/06/09/im-not-going-to-even-try-to-figure-out-a-tag-for-this-one/

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