The Walkathon

In a fine bit of timing, I completed the Central Park to Battery Park walk just a few hours before the temperature dropped dramatically and three days of cold, hard rain began.

(To the uninitiated, Central Park is — logically — in the middle of Manhattan Island, and Battery Park is at the southern tip — as in “The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down’)

We ended at $1,172 (not counting the $780 my son collected up in Boston).

Central Park

Starting point, Central Park. I could have gone inside the Park to take photos, but then I’d have found myself walking around and I had enough walking to do.

Working my way down Broadway (totally off-topic, if you’re interested in New York City history, this book is really good; I kept in in mind as I walked), I passed Time Square. The photos are NSFW (though you have to look at them pretty carefully), so they’re posted — with explanation — here.

And then five miles later, Battery Park


MoD Cap

Okay, we’re not looking at a Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism here, but I figured I should post some visual record of the Walk.

Thanks again to everybody!