1. Youtube has several videos shot from drones flying over deserted cities, including New York.

  2. I’m really surprised nobody seems to have posted that shot from the beginning of Vanilla Sky where Tom Cruise finds himself in the middle of a deserted Manhattan and he screams “Where is everybody?”

    (Though maybe that’s not what happened in the film at all, and I just dreamed it)

  3. It’s maybe a little corny to say it, but this seems like the right thread to say that I really enjoy this little community, and I hope you’re all keeping safe, and physically and mentally healthy.

  4. I just received the summer edition of the city magazine, with all the planned events. All these cheerful descriptions of things, many of which ain’t happening this year.

  5. A couple of concert subscription series with cancellations have been contacting ticket holders to offer much the same set of options. They differ in what the default is if you don’t give them instructions – in one case “hold the funds in my account, for future purchases or refund” (along with suggestions to renew for the 2020/21 season), but in the other “treat the refunds as donations” which is okay as an option but seems to me a little startling as a default.

  6. I don’t remember the name of the group, but listening to the radio yesterday I heard an ad for concert tickets, which seemed insane, even if the concert is supposed to be in September. I certainly wouldn’t risk the cash in that sort of lottery.

  7. Kilby, they give refunds for canceled concerts: I’d go for it.

    (Just don’t buy the tickets from a scalper)

    We’ve already lost two plays. We have tickets for a concert in May (forget it), a play in early July (iffy), and in September two plays, a concert, and then my niece’s wedding. I guess at the end of the year everybody’s going to look at their calendars and lament all the crossed-out events.

    (What DO people do when their wedding butts heads against a pandemic? I’m pretty sure Emily Post doesn’t address this)

  8. Pandora served me an ad for a concert of three acts I wouldn’t mind seeing, in a town near here I lived in for years. I kind of doubt there will actually be in-person concerts in June, though.

  9. @ Bill – I do remember that it was a “popular” group, but also that it wasn’t one that I would go to see, even if the tickets were for free. As for refunds, they might give back the ticket price, but I would bet that it will be impossible to chisel the (normally larcenous) “handling” fee back from the ticket service.

  10. Regarding weddings, at least one person I know postponed by a year. Which one hopes will be enough…

  11. If I had gone to the concerts, the money would be just as gone, so I donated my tickets. I’d rather have the Boston Symphony Orchestra and no money than have money but no Boston Symphony Orchestra.

  12. Mark in Boston, I am going for the “donate” option for the nearby University-based program, where I have tickets canceled from the chamber series, and the contemporary composition series. And they do need support from outright donations, even in normal years.
    For the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, I already have an account balance resulting from earlier exchanges, so for these cancellations I have requested to have the refund put in that account, where I can apply it for upcoming purchases. I think doing it that way instead of getting a cash refund issued is a reasonable path of showing my support — especially since that balance and some additional payment will be soon due upon optimistic renewal for next season.

  13. If it’s a non-profit theatre with which I have a “prior relationship,” I’ll donate the ticket back. If it’s a Broadway theatre, or one I’ve never been to before, Show me the money!

  14. Waiting a year might be my niece’s choice, because I think she’s set on a fall wedding.

  15. My cousin had a May wedding, which they’ve postponed vaguely to “September.” Not sure if they’re actually tried to pick a specific September date, and made reservations for that date.

  16. Some people seem to go ahead with the ceremony with just the needed people – some of those will have the ceremony again when they can have a reception and others are having a ceremony shown online in the interim.

    Since I did not want a wedding, just a ceremony with immediate family was fine for me, but I was overruled by our 2 moms and Robert, if this happened to us it would have been the start of him saying to me what he does when something goes awry that I said not to do or to do differently “Meryl is always right.” – Oh, wait, our wedding as we had it was the start of that. 🙂

  17. Bill – Let’s hope – “May she will stay” will not happen and we won’t have to wait for “June she’ll change her tune” – this year.

  18. My niece and her fiance are living together now, so there really isn’t much to be gained by a pro forma wedding.

    I guess it would kind of suck if they weren’t, come to think of it: they wouldn’t be seeing one another for weeks if not months.

  19. Playing off the thread title, over on the repurposed For Better or For Worse strips, baby April just arrived. Lynn had to jigger things around to get the dates about right (April was born April 1).

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