The Walkathon

In a fine bit of timing, I completed the Central Park to Battery Park walk just a few hours before the temperature dropped dramatically and three days of cold, hard rain began.

(To the uninitiated, Central Park is — logically — in the middle of Manhattan Island, and Battery Park is at the southern tip — as in “The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down’)

We ended at $1,172 (not counting the $780 my son collected up in Boston).

Central Park

Starting point, Central Park. I could have gone inside the Park to take photos, but then I’d have found myself walking around and I had enough walking to do.

Working my way down Broadway (totally off-topic, if you’re interested in New York City history, this book is really good; I kept in in mind as I walked), I passed Time Square. The photos are NSFW (though you have to look at them pretty carefully), so they’re posted — with explanation — here.

And then five miles later, Battery Park


MoD Cap

Okay, we’re not looking at a Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism here, but I figured I should post some visual record of the Walk.

Thanks again to everybody!





  1. OT except that the topic is New York . . . I just finished a series of mysteries featuring the City of New York; each book focuses on one location and its history – subway, library, museum, the island with a deserted asylum, etc. Lots of research has gone into these books; the mystery in each is almost secondary to the location featured in each book. I highly recommend this series, esp. if you like to know what happens ‘behind the scenes’ in these places.
    Alexandra Cooper Books, by Linda Fairstein
    Final Jeopardy (1994)
    Likely to Die (1997)
    Cold Hit (1999)
    The Deadhouse (2001)
    The Bone Vault (2003)
    The Kills (2004)
    Entombed (2005)
    Death Dance (2006)
    Bad Blood (2007)
    Killer Heat (2008)
    Lethal Legacy (2009)
    Hell Gate (2010)
    Silent Mercy (2011)
    Night Watch (2012)
    Death Angel (2013)
    Terminal City (2014)

  2. Linda “The hideous walking bag of reeking slime” Fairstein?

    Prosecutor of the Central Park Jogger case, in which an innocent man was jailed? Or of my (to reveal my prejudice) old friend Oliver Jovanovic for a crime that not only never happened, but which was physically impossible?

    That Fairstein? Odds of my giving her a dime in royalties: not good.

  3. Well, if you get the books from the library, you won’t have contributed to her royalties. However, I was not aware of the issues you stated above and can understand your sentiment.

  4. I have to do the next line CIDUBILL to get it out of my head – “and the people ride in a hole in the ground, New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town!”

  5. I tried Fairstein’s books twice. My problem with them wasn’t the Central Park Jogger issue — I’d borrowed the books from the library for just this reason — but the fact that she can’t seem to tell a story without taking time out to get on her soapbox. A lot of time.

  6. larK, regardless of the plotline, Fairstein manages to shoehorn in an “all men are rapists” speech.

    I’m pretty sure her shopping list reads
    All men are rapists
    Towel paper

  7. Carlfink, though it’s the popular narrative, I really don’t think Fairstein’s actions in the Jogger case were motivated by racism: it’s enough that they were men.

  8. @CIDU Bill, I never said that she was a racist. Remember, I despise her partly because she got a friend convicted of a rape that never happened, and was literally physically impossible. (The would-be victim claimed Oliver had stuck an entire baseball bat up her rectum without injuring her in any way.) I agree with the above that misandry seems to be a factor, but I try not to make mind-reading claims. That’s just an assumption. You’re literally a crime reporter, you are likely far more familiar with the Central Park case than I am.

  9. Carlfink, I didn’t say you called her a racist, just that it’s the common narrative after the smoke cleared in the Jogger case.

    I’m not sure about “misandry” either way, but I do see a pattern of assuming men’s guilt. Maybe she has this attitude because she ran the Sex Crimes Unit. Maybe she ran the Sex Crimes Unit because she had that attitude. As you say, we’re not mind readers.

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