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Many of you have already found out, via Facebook I assume, but for those who aren’t aware, my father Bill Bickel aka CIDU Bill passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday the 16th. The obituary and funeral page can be found here:

We have been so impressed and touched to see how many CIDU readers have already found out and posted beautiful notes on the funeral page. It’s obvious that he had an impact on people through this site. It seems like such a lovely and supportive community. I can say that for me personally, both the March of Dimes and the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association fundraising drives have great personal meaning and I have been blown away every year to see how much the CIDU readers raise for these causes.

We are still sorting through my dad’s sizable digital trail. I’m not sure if there can be a future for CIDU but for those of you who are really involved in this community, please reach out to me via Facebook if you have any thoughts at all on what you think could or should come next.

-Aaron Bickel