1. I agree with Shrug. You see a concert poster for your three favorite bands all on one show, “ONE NIGHT ONLY! THREE BANDS! TICKETS $5 to $25. MARCH 25 At 7:00 PM.” Today is March 26.

  2. I think Ted Sheldon fianlly reveals a fundamental problem: judging from his teeth, it would seem that everyone in “Close to Home” is a “skinkhead”.

  3. MiB – this actually happened to me. Back in the 70s, when concerts were advertised in the press, and tickets acquired by posting off a cheque, I saw an ad for an “all day” concert featuring The New Riders Of The Purple Sage, The Grateful Dead, and Santana. Sent of my cheque, and then some weeks later they sent it back saying the concert had been cancelled for lack of interest.

  4. But to return to the theme of this evening’s symposium, I don’t know about the saddest, but I know the most dangerous are “It will be different this time”.

  5. So Kilby, I’m confused: you are aware that the strip above is a Far Side and not Close to Home? Are you saying that John McPherson only copied the character with the bad teeth, and that’s the problem with Closer to Home compared to the source material?

  6. Definitely a favorite Far Side of mine, up there with the old west sheriff removing the brain of the outlaw’s getaway horse.

  7. @ larK – Don’t worry, I can tell the difference. Larson used the effect only to disparage individual characters, whereas McPherson attaches it indiscriminantly to many (if not most) of the people he tries to draw.

    P.S. The success of “The Far Side” led to a raft of “Far Side Wanna-Bees”; editors were desperate to hold onto that percentage of their readership that had a proven affinity for “weird” comics. Some proved to stand the test of time (“Bizarro”), others were merely a waste of newsprint (“The Neighborhood”).

  8. Saddest words: I could have been, but it ultimately doesn’t matter since we are but dust in the wind.

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