1. Yellow is interested until he finds out that it’s NFTs he’ll be shown. Then he runs away instead.

  2. That’s helpful. So the funny-shaped horizontal stripes are meant as the equivalent of sequential left-to-right squarish panels in a more conventional layout — from top to bottom they are scenes/slices from several different moments, occurring in that order. But also they are spatial slices, just as they look. So we see the top part of moment 1, then the next stripe down from moment 2, etc.

  3. Hmm, that kind of reminds me of (no, I’m not saying they’re the same at all) how the photo-finish camera for horse racing worked — though that was continuous rather than slices and horizontal rather than vertical.

    I see I didn’t quite say how that worked. I’m afraid I should leave it to someone who is good at describing mechanical engineering arrangements.

  4. I agree with @Powers and @Mitch4. My question is: Do NFTs have anything to do with the format? or just a reason for yellow to run away?

  5. re “Do NFTs have anything to do with the format? or just a reason for yellow to run away?”

    Well, at least it’s a welcome change from “I put pineapple on pizza” jokes.

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