1. I was expecting the last one to be some sort of brilliant pun on a pop culture reference, but it turns out that “Gorilla Glue is simply a brand of adhesive that was first introduced to the American market ust before I moved to Germany. I would have had a better chance of getting the joke if the patient had been a patchwork elephant, and the doctor had asked for “Elmer’s“.

  2. There has been a thing recently about using “superglue” (probably cyano-acrylic) as a surgical sealant, in place of stitches. A very recent pop-culture reference is the new series “Poker Face” starring Natasha Lyonne. In at least two of the first released batch of episodes somebody uses glue to close up a wound, when either urgency or circumstances of being on the lam keep somebody from going to an ER.

    This was all “superglue” and not “Gorilla Glue”, which are indeed different, but you can see how it’s adjacent.

  3. @ Mitch – Medical superglue is not new. At a party we hosted about 15 years ago, a very young girl tripped, fell, and cut her lip. Within minutes, her mom collected her and drove off to the local hospital. We didn’t expect to see them again, figuring that stiches would take a while, and would be too uncomfortable for partying, but they returned unbelievably quickly (just under an hour). No stitches at all, the doctor just glued it together.

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a bit disappointed that they used two quotes from the same movie for the Barney and Clyde. There are so many famous lines out there.

  5. I spent some time thinking of the various movies and trying to figure out if they could be put together to form a meta-joke.

  6. @ Brian – I was not able to identify a single one of the movies. All I knew was that “Make my day!” was spoken by Clint Eastwood, but I could not name the character he was playing before I looked it up (I’ve seen the scene as a clip, but I’ve never watched “Dirty Harry”, nor do I think I even would now. Ditto for “Jerry Maguire”.

  7. P.S. That was supposed to be “…ever would…”, and not “even”. Stupid microscopic wordpress text entry field.

  8. When Dirty Harry goes to McDonald’s he says “Go ahead. Make my lunch.”

    Dirty Harry Potter says “I know what you’re thinking. Did he cast six spells, or only five?”

  9. Is it just me, or have two additional panel comics appeared in this post since I looked at it last?

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