1. Biggest, being a “hidden” species, weren’t found by Noah when he was collecting all the animals. But they snuck on the Ark anyway and are still hiding to this day.

  2. So this species already had the tendency to seek concealment and secrecy. As they still do.

  3. Yes, if you believe created all of the species of animals “according to their kinds” only once, before the Flood, and never again, and species do not issue from other species, and further if you believe that Bigfoot exists, and his species was created before the Flood, then either this happened or Noah actually went out and found them.

    And we know from Shel Silverstein what happened to the unicorns.

  4. @ DemetriosX – Just being old enough to have heard of it doesn’t necessarily mean that I ever had heard of it. I do vaguely recall the refrain, but not with that accent, and the tempo is slower than the version it reminded me of.

  5. A friend of mine was a piano player in a family restaurant and had to play the unicorn song as a sing-along every night and do the gestures.

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