1. Now, THAT makes more sense than anything I came up with. The necktie just adds to the absurdity, I guess, or is meant to be a deflection.

  2. Before I saw the earlier explanations, I thought he was doing Ouija painting, where you hold the brush to the canvas and the canvas moves around.

  3. I would have thought the agitrons would be a dead give-away. If the canvas were falling, the sphericasia would be vertical lines indicating the downward movement, and if it were ouija-like there would be no need to indicate movement of the arm. Don’t they teach you kids anything in school these days?

  4. guero: Hah! Nicely done. Even still, it’s a CIDU in that I don’t see it as funny, cute, or interesting, I’m afraid. But at least I agree that Powers’ explanation is the only one that seems to make any sense. Especially with those agitrons!

  5. It’s hard to believe (a) that paint could dry quickly enough to stick brush to canvas, and (b) that he could hold it up by the brush. And how did it come off the easel/clamp? And as phsiiicidu said, there’s nothing funny, cute, or interesting about it.

  6. Not funny but Parkinsons? A snapshot in time. The moments before and after would have been disjointed. Like the 911 diver that wasn’t. Like I said, not funny. After that I have no idea. Cardiologist? Seismologist? Table rapping fortune teller? Lie detector?

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