1. Arlo neglected to mention that January 4th is National Trivia Day, demonstrating the danger of relying on a single source, especially one with unreliable quality control.

    P.S. The last one was a CIDU for me, until I looked up endorphins In a reasonably reliable reference archive.

  2. Powers and others who may be wondering, since endorphins are – by definition – produced internally, it is (supposed to be) funny to see someone dealing in them on the street in pill form.

  3. The “dealer”, who would normally be offering crack or opium for the same purpose, is now offering endorphins to someone who appears to need exercise to reduce his weight. According to the article, “Endorphins … are chemical signals in the brain that block the perception of pain and increase feelings of wellbeing…“, so they could either mask the side effects of the exercise, or make him so happy about himself that he could forget about exercising altogether.

  4. The funniest bit here was the “milli-Helen.” The endorphin bit failed to exercise any amusement.

  5. I got they endorphin one, as I’ve heard of the so-called “runner’s high” attributed to endorphin release. Again, I’ve heard of this.

  6. For those who enjoy mythical units, there used to be one for “excellence in information archiving and retrieval” called a “KAN“. It has since been deprecated for ethical considerations, but it was the original reason that Caltech’s main library was called “Millikan“.

  7. I’m not a big fan of anthropomorphizing inanimate objects but that bottle-headed woman is far worse. Perhaps his worst ever.

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