Twas the OY before Kicksmess – December 24th, 2022

Andréa sends in these. Good to see the Ministry of Silly Walks getting into the holiday spirit.

A perpetual favorite mixup:

… and what did we just say?

More Bizarro.

Here’s one for the “not a classic pun, but generalized language play” … also it’s time to acknowledge the “dad jokes” category in pop culture.


  1. Good choices. But a nomenclature comment on the first one: Strip mining is not done underground. But hard to anchor the pole in an open pit.

    And when she was in fifth grade, my daughter’s class drove the music teacher crazy by singing “Police stopped my car” for the chorus of Feliz Navidad. Nobe of us in the audience noticed.

  2. Oh ho!

    Then I browse over to Comic Strip of the Day and see that he noticed it too, and the posting is called “CSOTD: HAVE YOURSELF A MYRRHY LITTLE CHRISTMAS”.

    And also that post reminded me there had been another I had seen and prompted my thought about the profusion of myrrh comics, namely this Bizarro:

  3. We bought a lottery ticket for our first kid’s zeroeth birthday. Didn’t win anything, of course, except for a perfectly healthy kid.

  4. One of my Facebook friends posted a picture of three people barely visible in a whiteout blizzard, walking toward the camera. Someone commented “The three unwise men?” So of course I had to add my own comment: “Bringing cold, frankincense and brrrrr.”

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