Stringing us along

Dirk the Daring sends in this one. The basic joke is just that Hagar messes up. But the details? Did he try to eat it? Did he impale himself on it? Did it get stuck in his beard? (but an internet search on “images violinists with beards” returns a lot of violinists with far longer beards). What’s the situation in that last panel?

And, if you dare, how would you stage that last panel?


  1. He tried to play the violin. He pushed the bow into his beard where it got tangled in his whiskers.

    Yeah, there are real-life violinists with longer beards. This is cartoon logic.

  2. It’s not just that he has a beard that birds get lost in, it’s that he’s also inept enough at musical instruments to send the bow in the wrong direction.

  3. Three CIDU posts in a row, each featuring a weak comic premise, and each accompanied by fatally flawed artwork.

  4. Could it possibly be that the bow is not stuck in his beard at all. And the joke is that he thought the bow was the violin, which is why he had no idea how to play it, now he gave it off to Helga to figure it out?

  5. I’m not so sure about the “stuck in the beard” theory either. It’s a possibility, but the way Helga is yanking or twisting the bow, that’s got to hurt.

  6. I was about to say he broke all the strings off, but there are on strings on it in the first panel either.

  7. I go with A E.

    I had the same thought. He “tried” the bow – as in “try some of this soup” and the bow is in his mouth, not his beard.

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