Saturday Morning OYs – December 10th, 2022

We start off with a twofer on the same pun idea:

That’s sticking it to them! (or not)

We picked up this Wiley Miller one from the Why Evolution Is True website where it was sent in by a reader.

This Rubes from Andréa makes a deprecated usage exactly right for once!

Birthday note!

Today is the 200th for César Franck.

Here is a performance of his Violin Sonata in A:


  1. It’s a bit eerie seeing this kind of pandemic performance – the recital or concert taking place, but with an empty hall. With an orchestra at least they can applaud each other!

  2. I’ll add my thanks for the Sonata. Franck is one of my favorite composers. I was never fortunate enough to play the Sonata with a violinist, but I performed the Prelude, Aria et Finale for solo piano at my graduation recital, many years ago.

  3. The Shoe strip called to mind an old TV commercial in which a woman responded to a compliment on her pie crust by singing “The secret is my lard”. The battle was between real lard (rendered pig fat) and substitutes based on vegetable oil.

  4. I like to make pies and I always use lard for my crusts. To me, a lard crust tastes like a real pie crust. If you use something else instead of lard, you don’t get that pie crust taste.

    As for those who use store-bought ready crusts, check the ingredients. Lard. They may be store-bought but they are very close to being proper pie crusts.

  5. “Remember”? We use ours all the time to film the dog[s] in the pool . . . isn’t GoPro still available?? An example . . .
    [video src="" /]

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