Saturday Morning OYs – November 5th, 2022

Some of these are somewhat CIDU for me, actually. I’m just guessing “Frankenstein’s Castle” is a thing, and “Vampire Bass” draws a blank.

Since we seem to have a subcategory under Oy for “Literalizing an Idiom”, might as well provide it some examples!

When he dons it, is it part of his gay apparel?

Should this strip have appeared on a Throwback Thursday?


  1. P.S. I thought the “don again / doff again” pun was brilliant: much better than the quality of most Brevity panels.

  2. Ian’s list demonstrates that none of the captions shown in the comic would actually be produced by an “autocorrect” feature, since all of the “intended” captions are already correctly spelled.† Therefore, it might have been better to use the term “Auto-Suggest” in the title.

    P.S. † The one possible exception might be the fourth panel, but only if it were spelled to match the way that most kids pronounce it: “Tricker Treat!

  3. In the Pardon, I thought it pretty clever that she uses the expression “looking back on it” just as her own discourse marker, when it happens to fit the bill for a definition of “retrospect”.

    Would it be piling on too much to have her reluctant to say something and remark “it sticks in my throat to say it, but,,,” (in the vicinity of “esophagus”)?

  4. “Would it be piling on too much to have her reluctant to say something and remark “it sticks in my throat to say it, but,,,”?”

    That would be retch-rospect.

  5. If I were doing “Vampire Bass” it would involve a fish with fangs and a cape, but that’s just me.

  6. I follow Brevity and I also felt that “don again / doff again” panel was particularly special. I felt not-alone when I saw it here today.

    @Kilby – It seems that your thinking of the time-line in “Autocorrect Halloween” is backwards. The pictures have no connection whatsoever to the auto-correct event; they describe the result, after the caption text was created, possibly decades ago. Whatever the writer wrote is what would have been misspelled. For example, and try this yourself, when I type “The catle” into an iPhone message, missing an intended ‘t’, and before I type a space, my iPhone guess-er comes up with “castle” & “called”, but NOT “cattle”. (After I hit space and get the spellcheck underline, it offers “cat”, “cable”(!?), and [phew!] “cattle”.

    While we’re on this topic: the infamous Windows Vista was referred to as “Longhorn” while it was in development. “Castle” was the name of one of the services in it. Coincidence? well,may.. be. : – )

  7. @ Kevin A – Thanks, I had indeed not considered the possibility of a “third” (misspelled) expression that might result in those expressions.

  8. Thank you padrig. That was the problem I had with parsing that joke. The instrument is pronounced “Base”, which sounds nothing like Bats. At least the fish is Bass (Rhymes with crass), and is similar to bats. Plus it’s an animal, which puts you on the right track.

  9. Did Frankenstein have a castle in the movie? He didn’t in the book, but he rented some remote place in Scotland or somewhere to set up his lab.

  10. It’s been a long time since I read the book. I didn’t recall that Dr. Frankenstein was working out of an apartment. You think your neighbors are noisy!

  11. Actually, come to think of it, the isolated shed was when he was working on a mate for the creature, a task he suddenly abandoned when he thought of them having children. His first lab, where he made the original creature, was in a rooming house. One room for his bedroom, a different room for his lab.

  12. Since ‘don’ and ‘doff’ come from ‘do on’ and ‘do off’, I didn’t think the Brevity pun had much surprise value. Obviously YMMV.

  13. Robert gave in this past April and bought us a (small) large screen TV. We are both big movie buffs and since our first date in November 1973 we went to the movies at least once a week with rare exceptions for terrible weather, illness or not being able to find a movie theater where we were on vacation (yes, we even went to the movies in Quebec – movie was in French which neither of us speak – but we had already seen it in English “Le Frere mas (smarter) du Sherlock Holmes”. We had been having “Date night movie” watching the kitchen TV.

    Our living room is decorated – by him – in “Colonial Revival”, which looks like 1770s but is not exact -old TV is hidden in a cabinet. We now have an Ikea work table – super modern – over the “blanket chest” he had made to store DVDs in (front pulls down instead of top lifting and it has 3 drawers in it for the DVDs) to hold the “big TV” and its assorted electronic friends.

    I mention all of this as a couple of weeks ago he decided we needed to have Friday night midnight movies as we went to while in college and for a while afterwards until the theater closed (and became an African-American church). Our first midnight movie was, of course, the ever popular “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Second week was “The Coconuts.”

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