Saturday Morning OYs – August 27th, 2022

A bit o’ Arlo-OY here:

Without the caption, this would make a good CIDU, but the cartoonist rose to the occasion.

Very simple OY, classic in its elegance!

You’d need to be a big fan of the Oys to enjoy the preceding run of Diamond Lil, where each order she places at the bar is filled in a way involving a visual pun. So starting here you can picture a frosty mug, a tallboy, a brewski (IDU that one), a draft, a schooner, and a growler.


  1. I think I would have liked the “forgetful flower” comic better without the caption. Even if that risked making it a CIDU, the “Aha!” moment would have been all the more more satisfying.

    P.S. Back when the fad of turning rental apartments into purchasable units first started, there was a widespread flurry of “condominium” gags. Most of them were pretty tasteless; perhaps that’s why I like this “condiment” comic a lot better.

    P.P.S. The solution to Diamond Lil’s “brewski” is that the mug arrives on top of two miniature skis (and is topped by a knitted cap).

    P.P.P.S. There was once an extended arc in Cul de Sac in which Alice’s primary concern was to get a little plastic sword in her hamburger:

  2. “… each order she places at the bar … ”

    “She”? Is it the same character? To me it looks like a different character, and male.

    And, BTW, XKCD did the joke first and better.

  3. Ah, okay, thanks — I was derailed by the knit cap, which I now see was just a marker for it being a skier.

  4. Hot dogs usually come in casings of some kind.

    I would disagree with that, at least in the US. These days, hotdogs with casings, either natural or the new collagen ones, are relatively unusual.

  5. I remember that arc. I also remember a restaurant that served an Excaliburger with a plastic sword in it, probably 20 or 30 years ago.

    Kilby: Thanks for the “Brewski” strip. When I saw it “live,” I didn’t see the little skis, and I was wondering why a beer would have a persimmon or tomato on top.

    As for the flowers, it’s good that “the cartoonist rose to the occasion,” because I certainly wouldn’t have recognized the forget-me-not.

  6. I saw that one and noticed the ski cap and correctly got the joke, but didn’t see the skis until mentioned here.

    I would not have gotten the flower one without help.

  7. I think Rose’s comic would have been even funnier if she had used more flowery language.


    Also, there appears to be a food truck named Excaliburger.
    It’s said to even have a sword stuck in the roof, though the article I found didn’t mention any little plastic ones for the burgers themselves.

  8. I might have got the flower one if the forget-me-not was blue. I know you can get other colours but they are normally blue.

  9. I can’t identify a forget-me-not on sight, but it’s the only flower name that made sense with the setup.

  10. MAD Magazine did the “Hey, Duck! Duck!” joke 70 years ago in their Mickey Rodent and Darnold Duck parody.

  11. When I was little, about 3 or 4 years old, I went to my cousin’s birthday party. My aunt, his mom/wife of dad’s brother, served hot dogs. Mom would buy hot dogs without a casing and I was used to that. Apparently aunt bought hot dogs with casings. (Since both bought kosher hot dogs – I am guessing it was not related to same.)

    For some reason mom was not with me when I got the hot dog (she may have gone to my paternal grandparents’ apartment 2 buildings over or she was in another room as I am guessing grandparents should have been there – but I remember in my head only aunt’s family in the room). I started choking. Mom came in the middle of this and gave my aunt an earful about giving “little” children hot dogs with skins on them. ,

    And even then – I would not eat a hot dog (or anything) with a condiment on it.

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