Frazz riddle … conclusion

Did you catch the posting earlier today, Frazz riddle … answered soon ? It incorporated the Monday and Tuesday strips from last week, where one of the kids tells Frazz that she is giving her dad a vacation, and it cost only nine bucks. She adds a clue, that she could have spent twice as much but then it would have lasted just half as long. Oooh, paradox!

The Tuesday strip shows Frazz asking “Where will he go for $9? What will he see?” and the student answering “Nowhere. And nothing new. Just in a whole new way.” Evidently still in clue mode.

But the the Wednesday strip goes right to the answer. And Thursday and Friday just round off the story. Here they are:

P.S. It wasn’t quite done as of that Friday installment. It continued for one more, on Saturday. (But Monday — and probably not Tuesday either, but this will be already posted by then, so … who would care?). Here is the Saturday strip:


  1. Cute. I was thinking along the lines of a local train ticket vs. an express one, where you pay more for less travel time; If you have some circular commuter route, it could be made to fit with the clues. But that would be more banal than the actual answer. Cute.

  2. “Two-day priority. So, yeah, about a week.” A longer vacation! So Louis DeJoy is good for something after all. Who knew?

  3. This would be amusing except the post office guarantees two-day delivery on priority mail and hits the target far more often than not.

  4. P.S. On the other hand, so was inflicting Louis DeJoy on the American public, but we all knew that.

  5. Kilby – I am currently paying a number of bills before we even get them just to avoid having them paid late due to his changes. (We still pay bills by check – don’t like to do anything financial online – this way when we get an email from our bank, etc – we KNOW it is spam.

    There was a good service put in by USPS though, One can get a daily email showing all of the regular first class mail which should be delivered on each day. We had almost all of our mail going to a PO Box which was originally opened for our business when we lived in an apartment and did not want business mail to come to the apartment. In 2015 we changed our address with almost everyone we get mail from for the mail to go the box as we had trouble with our home mail delivery.

    We did not want to go into the PO to pick our mail when the pandemic started and put in to have it forwarded to our house for what we figured was the “short time this will last”. Problem was – since it was a business box they could only forward mail addressed to same. We managed with the help of the PO employees at the PO where our box is (box not at the same PO as the one which delivers to our house – there are 2 POs much physically closer to our house than the one which delivers mail to it) to get the box switched to my name and we also contactedf and changed mailing address to house with everyone we could think of/reach easily. Some mail still goes to the box though and with this service we know if we have to go and pickup mail at the box. (Luckily the current USPS delivery person for our route is a world better than the former ones were.)

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