Frazz riddle … answered soon

Monday’s strip seemed to be the start of one of those extended riddles Frazz sometimes undertakes (such as with Halloween characters).

How can a vacation cost just nine bucks? And why would one costing twice as much last only half as long? Hmmm, put on your thinking caps.

Tuesday continued the riddling, with maybe a small bit of new clue:

And then what on Wednesday? Further clueage, helpful but not giving it all away?

Nope, Wednesday’s strip directly gave the solution! Then Thursday and Friday rounded out the story. (I’m writing this on Friday so it remains to be seen if there will be more of this tale next week. But you are reading this on Tuesday or later, so you’ll already know…)

On the off chance some CIDUers are seeing this but haven’t seen these Frazz strips, can we do something to allow for puzzle-solving and speculation in the comments here, but still give the solution? Well, ideas like throwing in tons of vertical space are not really effective. And that time we tried protecting a spoiler with that sliding-panel image-comparison gizmo was broken on some people’s platforms, and is anyhow a pretty flimsy test of patience.

Well, fine. The next three strips from this series will be in a separate post, this afternoon. Meanwhile, feel free to opine here on how that bargain vacation would work!


  1. For “nine bucks” my first idea was “movie ticket”, then for “twice as much = half as long” I thought of “haircut”, but “nowhere” seems to contradict both ideas (and the money wouldn’t be enough for either one).

  2. P.S. Having just read the answer, I will say no more, except that the fourth wall gag in the third panel of Thursday’s strip is a gem, and almost worth putting Frazz back in my daily reading list, were it not for the deadweights in the two Sunday strips bookending this arc.

  3. Wednesday’s strip got posted to the Readers of the Comics Curmudgeon Facebook group. I spent some happy time researching whether it could work, and it could, but 7 days is just rude.

  4. I agree with Downpuppy about Mallett’s cheap shot with “seven days”, but discussing the reasons for it might stray into forbidden political territory. That in turn is a potential hint.

  5. One standard solution on Usenet for sharing something without giving spoilers was to use rot13, for which encode/decode websites exist.

  6. @ M.A.R.N. – Rot13 works fine for text, but Mitch wants to include images of the next three strips.

  7. I think the two post solution is fine — ideal, even — as long as we don’t spoil it in the comments, and as long as the second post is forthcoming… (ahem!)

  8. The first post was posted 5:00 AM and the second one is scheduled for 5:00 PM. That’s US Central zone.

  9. I haven’t mailed anything recently, and not by Priority in some years. I do know the mail was quite slow last December, because I was doing a rollover from my 401k and had a significant wait for the check to arrive to me and then forward to my brokerage.

    I had planned to use the app to deposit, but I didn’t think to get that set up before doing the rollover. It turns out that the app for the brokerage I asked for required a higher version of iOs than my iPad supports. I could haves used a different brokerage had I known. I wanted to get it done by the end of the year because potential changes in the tax laws might have prevented what I was trying to do, but that turned out not to be a problem. Look up “Mega Backdoor Roth” if interested.

  10. Brian in STL – in mid January 2021 I received mail which had been posted some time before – some of it was Christmas cards and one item had a cancellation date in August 2020 plus other mail along the same times.

    Luckily during 2020 I had started keeping an Excel sheet of when bills and other items were due out and another sheet of what mail received and when to keep track of everything. Still doing both and probably will continue – they have both been great resources to use.

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