Here’s a juicy one!

Thanks to Le Vieux Lapin for this Mannequin on the Moon.

So, just how will this situation lead to super-villains? And not to feminist anti-fashion super-heroines?

Speaking of couture, the Rabbit asks also whether the logo/branding is to be seen as printed backwards on that top (since it reads correctly in the mirror). But it seems they don’t generally do it that way at Juicy brand:


  1. The mirror writing is probably an error — to be honest I didn’t even notice myself.

    The supervillain angle is hard to articulate — but I get it. I’d say the patron is reaching the end of her rope (probably having tried on a bunch of clothes that don’t work for her) and thus may be about to go nuts and take out her frustrations on the world.

  2. I think the mirror writing is correct as is: it’s not on her blouse, but rather a magic marker prank on the mirror itself. Other than that Powers has it all @1.

  3. I think the mirror writing is correct as is: it’s not on her blouse, but rather a magic marker prank on the mirror itself

    This idea was in fact offered by Le Vieux Lapin in his original email, noting that the writing doesn’t seem to follow the fabric folds of her top.

  4. It also seems to be an older woman wearing “I’m a sexy young thing” clothing, does it not? And about one size too small on her? Is this a practical joke by Helen?

  5. Maybe a reference to The Hulk, angered because the clothes she picked out in the store look so awful when she sees them on her? She’s bulkier than her friend looking in. Her hair is messed up. Do the lines around her calves indicate she’s about ready to burst out? And look at those feet!

  6. As a card-carrying geezer, I was not aware that there was an actual real line of clothing named “Juicy” and assumed that was instead meant to be part of the joke. So I guess I should tell Mannequin to get off my Moon’s lawn?

  7. I too was a bit flabbergasted a couple of years ago to learn the brand is real and not just made up for the sake of a joke.

    It probably was meant to signal that the clothes she is trying on were not really meant for her… in case we couldn’t tell from the drawn style and ill fit.

  8. I forget exactly what the word is supposed to mean in this context and don’t feel like risking urbandictionary, but as I recall it’s offensive to right-thinking beings and that seems likely part of the overall scheme.

  9. I gave up trying to look anything fashionable decades ago and wear jeans and tee shirts with boys’ black skateboard sneakers daily unless I am going to work, or someplace dressy (both of these rarely, especially since down to one accounting business client and doing her books by mail since start of pandemic) or we doing a reenactment. I own 3 skirts, and maybe 5 blouses and a pair of shoes for work and if anything dressy actually comes up – has been decades since needed to dress up for any sort of event.

    (Maybe someday my 34 yo niece or her 30 yo brother will meet someone and get married? Husband has 2 nieces – we still have one (RC) confirmation to go there. )

  10. How are we supposed to tell that the clothes don’t look good on her? They look pretty normal to me.

  11. A valid doubt!

    I think mostly we think that because of her reaction – though that sounds circular.
    But I think we can know that Juicy brand is targeted younger. And what the heck are the ties or bindings or bows that work their way up the legs? Just eccentric.

  12. Besides the fact that the general style (cinched 7/8ths pants & frilly blouse) is hardly age appropriate, there are stress creases everywhere, indicating that both items are a size or two too small for her. The overall effect reminds me of a “Wizard of Id” strip in which his wife (Blanche) asked, “How would I look in a bikini?“, to which the Wizard replied, “Like two rubber bands on an egg.

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