Saturday Morning Oys – March 26th, 2022

After inserting this one here, I later found it discussed on Arnold Zwicky’s Blog, in his usual exemplary detail and scholarship.

I’ve also seen this with the speech bubble reduced to just the “It don’t mean a thing” part. Which might be even more fun.

Oh, he got us! It turned out not to be an oy about “Youth In Asia”!

Here’s an Ewww-Oy for sure:


  1. The real issue is that birds don’t have separate facilities to expel urine and faeces. Whether the lab is collecting one or the other, it comes out of the same hole at the same time. (At least that’s what I remember from biology class.)

    Dana K is right, it’s not a promotion…it’s the same job.

  2. …unless of course the first pigeon means ‘delivering’ as a carrier pigeon might. That seems unlikely though in this age of Uber Connect and drones.

  3. @Stan, yes I kinda assumed that was the intended sense of “deliver”. Picking up the item at one place (collection site) and dropping it off at another (the lab).

  4. Mark, Chak, and Lost, I was going to refer you to the Arnold Zwicky blog post also given here, but on looking at it again I see his authority (and quotation source) is Wiktionary or Wikipedia:

    A hex key (also, Allen key and Allen wrench [and hex wrench]) is a simple driver for bolts or screws that have heads with internal hexagonal recesses (sockets).

    … but those sources are missing the specific term hex wrench which Zwicky then inserts on his own! But they do prefer hex key to either of the Allen terms, and agree with Lost’s source in mentioning that the Allen terms are trade names.

  5. “Echinacea” makes me think of the story of the man who went to the doctor and said that he wanted to be castrated. The doctor asked, “Are you sure about this?” The man said, “I had a discussion with my priest about it, and I also talked with a therapist. We all agreed that I should do it.”

    So the doctor arranged for the surgery. Afterward, the man woke up in a semi-private room.

    Curious about his roommate, he asked “What are you here for?”

    The other patient said “I’m here to be circumcised.”

    Our guy said “Circumcised! THAT was the word I wanted.”

  6. ‘I kinda assumed that was the intended sense of “deliver”.’

    Yea, I think the proposition ‘at’ threw me. If he’s working at that lab, it suggests he’s physically there, you know, ‘delivering’ samples. At least to me. I think if pigeon one had said ‘for that lab’, I might have gotten it straight away. As it is, I noticed my mistaken thinking about 2, maybe 2 1/2 seconds after I made my first post.

    Where are those time machines we were promised? Enough already.

  7. They are both wrenches. The top one is a crescent wrench and the bottom one is a monkey wrench.

    Top one used for working with nuts and bolts, bottom one can be used for same,but more likely used for plumbing.

  8. @ Mitch – I entered a comment here and it just disappeared (nothing at all showed up, not even a moderation notice). Can you please check the Spam and Trash folders?

  9. Trademark or no, and regardless of which came first, I am far more acquainted with “crescent wrench” used generically. And usually for non-adjustable types. (The adjustables are often “monkey wrenches”.)

    When Americans are being destructive they may drop or toss a monkey wrench into the works, while Brits use a spanner. (Or per John Lennon, a Spaniard.)

  10. I just checked, and the one adjustable 8-inch “crescent” wrench in my tool collection was actually made by “Craftsman”.

    P.S. @ Mitch – Thanks for recovering the comment above. I’d be interested to know where it landed.

  11. Kilby, it was in Spam. That is managed by Akismet so we get no control or info besides their guidelines. I daily check Spam for recognizable legit reader comments. Seeing the Gravatars helps with picking them out.

  12. They are both wrenches. The top one is a crescent wrench and the bottom one is a monkey wrench.

    The top one is a spanner (of the species “combination”, others being “open ended”, “ring”, “box”..)

    The bottom one is an adjustable spanner, often referred to hear as a stilson. Not stilson [something], just “stilson”.

  13. According to Wikipedia, in American the tool I showed is a “pipe wrench”. A “monkey wrench” has straight jaws.

  14. Are you all saying that my dad lied to his cute little girl? When I used to help him due chores around the house he taught me these names for those tools – and husband uses the same ones – unless he is in a panic than anything he needs is “that thing”.

    Since I did not have any brothers and I was the eldest – I was the one who “helped” dad. How much help I gave him and how much trouble I gave him – I am not sure. I think on our first project – a wooden bench for me to stand on to reach the bathroom sink when I was 4 – I got more paint on me then on the bench and when the bench was turned over it was a doll crib for my dolls, though that was intended – just something I figured out (lost in the flood in family home’s basement back in the 1960s.)

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