1. There are a number of science fiction stories in which evil opponents and/or criminals are executed by being “spaced”. The comic would have worked a little better if the picture had made it more obvious that the hand pressing the space bar belongs to the man standing behind the chair. As it is drawn, his (left!) arm seems impossibly long.

  2. @ Power – Either using “cartoon logic”, or by using Alt+032 on the numeric pad (which that tablet keyboard probably doesn’t have).

  3. The space bar on a keyboard isn’t generally labeled. For the keyboard on the tablet, the key to put spaces between letters isn’t labeled. The tablet must also contain an eject button that is labeled “Space.” Mr. helpful pressed the latter. I blame the school system for not properly teaching our kids the difference.

  4. I think we’re getting on to a correct explanation. It requires a number of caveats or subclauses, but I think TedD has captured the key ones: spaces in the text were inserted using a mostly-standard spacebar on the keyboard, unlabelled. The ejection system button, with a label “SPACE”, is distinct, and is what the second astronaut reached over and pressed.

  5. As a programmer, I know to add a confirmation screen to say “Are you sure??” Maybe I could get a job with NASA.

  6. Why were they hanging around inside the no-longer-in-service Space Shuttle … in pressure suits of a type not actually worn in the Space Shuttle?

    Yes, that sort of thing does bug me.

  7. “Not launch, LUNCH!”

    Thanks, Gilligan! (That phrase is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the comic).

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